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I stopped coloring my hair and i noticed that i have scattered greys.  I dont want to do a single process but i want to just cover the greys with permanent hair day, is that ok to do or would it look funny?  I have naturally dark brown hair.  Would it look funny if i color it dark brown and would the greys fad and look diffrent from the rest of my hair?  I was plucking the greys out that i seen before,.....thanks for your help  :)


When you are covering greys its important to know how porous the grey is and how resistant to color they may be.

If the the grey is more prominant through out the hair it has a different color effect. The hair may not get as dark as you intended. Or it may look a little lighter then you expect. If there is a lot of grey 75-80%
You will end up with a shade lighter so you need to apply a shade darker to get the desired color.

If there is 50%. The color will probably be fairly even and pretty easy to anticipate the shade. 25-30percent gray you might want to go a level light so the hair isn't colored too dark.

If your greys are resistant to hair color then your greys may fade very quickly. This means your grey isn't very porous and you may need a treatment to help your grey hold your color easier. To help with this you can apply a lightener so the color has something to hold it to the hair. It will make the hair more porous and absorb your color easier. Then you can go back and apply the desired color and have more satisfying results with your grey fading out less.

I hope I helped  

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