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Hi Cherie;  my stylist colored my new growth with Clairol, 6AA, 20V for 30 minutes.  I am level 4, no gray.  It is still too "orangy".
I get highlights 3x a year, but my new growth is way too dark.  I'd like to achieve a lighter color.  I don't mind golden light brown, but HATE the orange.  I do like the level 6 "lightness" of the color, just not the tone.  Any suggestions for a formula that would minimize the orange?  I am not opposed to trying a stylist with a different color line, in your professional opinion, which line is best at what I am trying to achieve?  Thank you.

For you I would maybe advise nexxus. I also love redkin. But the brass in your hair sounds like you need a really good toner. Violet shampoo is great for blonde highlights. Ask Żour stylist about a violet tint to cancel out the brass. Also consider this as well. What are your habits? Do you have hard water? Do you tan in a tanning salon? Do you have exposure to chlorine in the shower or the swimming pool? These things all make blondes brassy and can also fade out reds. You may need a toner shampoo made specifically fro blondes.

I hope I helped.

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