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QUESTION: I am in my fifties and I have had white hair for many years. I started going grey in my twenties and never colored my hair. Unfortunately, my white hair gets yellow on the surface of the hair, all over. I use cleansing shampoos, purple color shampoos and nothing takes the yellow out. What do you recommend?

ANSWER: Erica,

Unfortunately mother nature gives us hair colors we are not always satisfied with. The best advice I have for you is to make it look like you got that color on purpose and try to own it.

I understand that you have not colored your hair but if you want the color to be different this can be a flattering choice and there are temporary colors that will rinse out.

If you do not want to color your hair this is fine but the color may not come out much better without a lightening shampoo. I would advise trying a shampoo for blondes (some can prevent brassy in your grey.)

Another choice would be to try a shade or two darker a blonde. This will warm up your color and can nuetralize the yellow while still looking natural and flattering.

The final option would be low or highlights only one shade darker or a shade lighter. Keep it close to your natural color. The high or low lights will break up the yellow and work with it. The yellow will make the color look warm and the broken up yellow will provide a less harsh shade while still keeping close to your natural shade.

Hair color need not be a huge change. Sometimes the little changes are more flattering.

I can also advise how to keep yellow out of your color. But the yellow there may lighten but still be there to stay. Being around a lot of smoke can effect hair color. Sunlight or tanning beds effect color. And salt water or chlorine effects hair color as well. Chlorine is a type of bleach that will turn a blonde or grey brassy.

I hope I helped

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your response. I don't want to change the color of my hair. I love my white hair, I just can't stand the yellowing. Have you ever heard of a "french fluff" and would you recommend it? It's bleach, mixed with developer and shampoo, to whiten the yellow. I do use the shampoos you mentioned.


I have heard of the procedure you mention but it would change the color permanently and may alter the white as well. Your white could still go brassy without the proper toner. Your "french fluff" could definitely help with the yellow but you must make sure that you match up the proper developer. Another idea to nuetralize the yellow is purple.

Both are good alternatives.

I hope you enjoy your new hair.

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