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When I had money and a stylist she used to color my hair with a permanent dye and used Redken Shine EQ Clear (a clear, semiperm gloss)with it. I do not recall if she mixed it all together or added the EQ at the end of the cloring process when she pulled the ends through.
Clairol now has Shine Happy. They bill it as a real gloss and it comes with developer and the clear "color". The package says to use it a couple weeks after color but I really need it now. I know the boxes are always too careful about things and Clairol just sticks to their policy but I am sure there is a way I can use my color (Colorsilk by Revlon, non-ammonia permanent color) and this gloss at the same time. How do you do it it at the salon when you add a clear gloss? If it matters, my hair is WAY over 50% gtay and I color it a medium brown. Thanks so much!

ANSWER: Hi Diana,

A gloss is a simple service. There are no hidden secrets. The best way sometimes for us professionals is to do it right after a color service, but people of course come in for it in between services. We use it right after a color service so that it can bring out a shine that sometimes the ammonia can reduce. Truthfully, if you use a great permanent color, a clear is not really necessary. In our salon, we use Redken Shades Clear Gloss. Apply to wet clean hair, put a plastic bag over your hair and sit under a heated dryer for at least 20 minutes. If you are home doing this, put aluminum foil over your hair and let it sit for at least 30 minutes, and just not shampoo. You will find that this works well.
As far as using any other product, in truth, they all work the same way. So, it's just a personal preference of manufacturer and what is available near you.

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layed answer, I have been swamped with work and answering answers on the internet.

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QUESTION: Thanks Nick, for the good advice and the honesty! Don't worry about the lateness, I used to be an "expert" on here (over 600 questions answered, yikes!) so I know it is way down on the priority list when life gets busy. I appreciate your help. Since my scalp never is affected by the non-ammonia color I use I dont think the peroxide in the gloss will hurt my scalp. My concern is lifting the cuticle twice in the same day. I was thinking about just mixing the gloss with the dye and not using the peroxide that came with the gloss but using the developer that came with the color for applying all at once. Ugh hope that made sense. Giving you exceptional feedback :-)

Hi're cute! So this time I'm answering back quickly! You are not opening the cuticle up twice when you use the color followed by the gloss. The color contains the ammonia and is the culprit. The gloss, which is non-ammonia, is a topical application. It is not a product which needs to penetrate the cuticle. The shine is external and not internal, in fact, if it penetrated the would be useless.
Now, mixing the dye and the gloss together....well....that's really not helping the gloss since at that point it will be doing exactly what I just described above, it will be delivered where it is not necessary. When I was a young man, I used to wash my car and than apply the wax....see the comparison? Why not put the wax in with the water and soap and kill two birds with one stone? You know know that would not work and it would be a waste of work and product. So the same applies to the color comparison. Color and gloss are two separate services and should be kept as such. Don't make yourself nuts:) First have your appetizer and than your main course!



P.S. Here's my true identity. I normally do not reveal the face of "Batman", for obvious reasons. I am a well know hair colorist and I do this to help when I can. All the best!:

Nick Trombetta

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