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I had my hair bleached to platinum blonde two weeks ago.  Naturally, I am darker than Kate Middleton, so it was not so easy, but we got me out not at all brassy.  That said, a few of my strands got a little bit warmer when I took a shower at a hotel.  I panicked, and bought the Kevin Murphy purple shampoo, and conditioner, and left the conditioner on for five minutes three days in a row.  It turned a lot of my hair purple, and now it looks much warmer than before.  I probably should have not freaked out.  Do you think I could wash it out with Pureology purifying shampoo, and use a really strong conditioner?  If it was not warm before I used the violet shampoo, will it cool back down, once I get the purple out?  Or, do you think I need to go back, and ask them to reglaze it?  I had this done via a full foil, which was quite a process…. 97 foils packed in, with 40 volume bleach.  I want to make sure it does not get to the point where I would have to lose the length.  A girl at the salon says she has seen this happen before, when one gets too obsessive about purple shampoo~ turns the hair a mauve-like color.  What do you think the best option is?

HI Katie Rose

I am no sure what would have cause hair to go warm from a shower...even at a hotel, which depending on where you were, they us filters to purify the water. Leaving a conditioner in the hair does not make it go warm, and a violet based shampoo also does not deposit warm tines back into the hair. It is designed to remove unwanted yellow and brassy tones.

I'd like to suggest that you go back and ask them to do a shampoo cap with some lightner just to buffer the hair a bit and remove any build up residue. Have them suggest what shampoo and conditioner to use, since they know the color and texture, this would be the best way to start:)

I wish you the best!


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