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Hi. I colored my hair red bcuz my hair is dark in the bottom half and I wanted to lighten it. The problem was the top half of my hair is red but the bottom part is still dark. I dyed it dark brown months ago. I hate it and I want to get rid of it. I read online I could go to a salon but that will screw up my hair. I saw stuff on buying products, using soap and baking soda. What would you recommend?


Baking soda and soap will do nothing for you. Dark Brown will not come out of the hair by using this formula. I'm sorry, but I advocate for professional help here. A real hairdresser who knows color, will look and feel your hair and make the right decision for you. This is not an unusual problem and any pro can fix it. It requires attention and knowledge. I don't know what your hair looks like, but I have an idea from what you described. Please don't follow anything online as you will find yourself further into the problem. Coloring hair is not as easy as one thinks, and this is why folks get into trouble. Find a professional salon near you, Yelp them if you must and see if there are good reviews on them and make an appointment.

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Ready to color your hair, and don't have a single clue on how to start? I will try my best to guide you in your new or old hair color venture, whether you are going to a professional or trying to do it yourself. If you are going to see a professional I can help by answering all questions regarding your initial consultation, what to say to your colorist, how to describe what your wishes are and well talk about realistic expectations. Everything starts with a good conversation; learn how to discuss hair color in terms which make sense to a colorist.


I started as a young assistant at Vidal Sassoon in 1982 and got the training that has always sustained me throughout my professional life. I first became involved in hair color in the mid 80s when I realized that my passion for painting was a vehicle understanding hair color. I joined the industry of hair color teaching and began a career as a platform artist in 1991. The next 25 years, took me across the USA and North America doing all hair shows, demonstrations on both hair cutting and hair coloring. I went from regional education, to national, eventually crossing into North America and being promoted as the USA Artistic Director for It&lyhairfashion, N.A. My hair salon is an award-winning destination for hair expertise, and I am proud to say that I have one of the most elite hair expert teams working for me.

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