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Hair Loss/Hair Drastically Thinner after Extensions


mm wrote at 2012-05-19 19:32:06
First, I had human fusion hair extensions from a "celebrity" stylist put in damaged hair for about 7 months.  What a mistake!Was told it would protect and help grow my hair.  Now I'm missing half my hair with sooo much damage...a trainwreck that I have to live with..Lots of styling products, etc just to look somewhat normal.  Now to you, what I NOW understand, is ANY type of extension can hurt your hair, damage follicles and result in breakage from the pulling near the scalp.  Clip-ins should only be worn for short time periods and not everyday.No bald spots, that's good.  Take good vitamins, supplements, eat well, don't stress, use the best conditioning products and limit heat.  Get regular trims+see a hair loss derm for some meds that may help. Scalp issue is probably related to the clip ins and the trauma to your scalp, which I had.I used corticosteroid topical for 2 weeks and antihistimenes plus moisturizing s/c with no fragrence, SLS, etc. and deep conditioners cos my hair is so broken, frizzy, etc.  Sounds like you're in a better position than I.Lesson Be happy with the hair you have...We don't have to be JLo.Who knows what her true hair looks like?  

EvesHairExtensions wrote at 2013-04-25 19:49:30
Hi there,

Letís get in to this.

Breakage is not an illness. It is just abuse of hair that often happens "totally unexpectedly". People shake their hair with some gel in it, rub it in the shower, blow dry it up and down and pull it when combing it .. or etc..

Other than that extensions in your hair should be (weightless and) lose and not to close to the skull and not to tight.

The reason for this is that you can pick up the hair move it from left to the right / swing it without pain or hair loss.

They should also be put on a rather thick piece of hair (not to tiny, as the weight would be too much) !!!

Try pulling one strand of hair that is thin, OUCH !! Not take another strand that is thicker, aah good !! That is better !!

Clip-in hair can be heavy (due to the clips and perhaps the weft (row of hair) as sometimes it is seemed thick or often it is double or triple seemed)

So if we use heavy anyway we should not use it too much / to many times (day after day month after month and year after year).

We all remember when as a little girl someone would put our hair up to much too many times or to tight and have pain.

Also, we often say our hair is strong "but what are we talking about" ? If we rub two building blocks powder will come off, do we not ? If we rub hair and pull (and or etc) hair (take just one) will break before you know it.

So, if you have any kind of hair extensions you should always treat it softly. Pet it nicely and always take your time.

And because your hair is painful now you should just keep doing that now !!

Do not rub it up and down while washing, instead wash it (under the shower) while moving your hand with shampoo and etc from up (the scull) to down the end of your hair.

With heavy hair extensions that are done with clips, donít pick it up to much the hair is already forced to carry that much, and when you squeeze it in this hard to cope situation it will break sooner. If you put your hair up, buy a clip on bun or tail.

There is a solution. You can put a completely weightless threadlike skull cover (with only few soft thin elastic like threads (squares)) which you pull your real natural hair over, underneath and in between, so that YOU HAVE NOT ONE ATTACHMENT on the ENTIRE HEAD except for a few little ones on the *edges.

You can replace *those every so much time, so the little hair that is attached will not "always" be in this situation, but only for a short period of time.

With your hair (problems), I would suggest you change it rather every day or so many days surely (depending on your experience) !!

This will not be sweaty, or ugly. It will invisible and hair will be mildly added on every square.

Other than that, by the time you are ready, you can ad weave on a loosely braided thick and softly braided braid, (make sure they braid it that way, so you donít feel ANYTHING) while you ad weave hair to that. Use one track to see if this works !

Or you can use mini extensions that are placed with micro rings. If you use very very thin strands of hair and tiny mini rings this will probably not be too heavy at all.

Than there is hair growth serum that have made many happy already ! Try this on your arm or leg, to see if it works !

Oil bating IS GREAT. You should take 3 days if you can empty an entire bottle of oil on your hair (sunflower for instance)while letting that sink in (put a lightweight cover on (if you donít have one use your thin shirt)) and leave it. It will sink in your hair and come off (in the cover).

After three days, you may rinse it out, with MILD shampoo and wash it 3 times SOFTLY like I described. Use conditioner and leave some in.

Also GOOD TIP : Change your hair product if you have been using the same. Sometimes these can have a bad result, due to some intolerant reaction. If you feel any ANY tingling with the shampoo or conditioner (or etc) wash it out, and throw it away.

See what happens !!

I do (natural) hair extensions and am a perfectionist. I take everything very serious and put a lot of work in research and advice.

I simply can NOT STOP giving advice always. My ads are way to long, with way to much text, but when I do hair extensions that is always much appreciated. At least ANYONE that wants hair extensions done, is aware and up to date and does not hurt their hair and /or skull while being un prepared !!!

I would love to send you my TIPS AND ADVICE so you can read and find out if it helps !! You can contact me at eveshairextensions at hotmail or yahoo dot com ...

in the morning 8.00 BETNOVATE LIQUID

10.00 M›NOX›D›L

in the evening 8.00 ACNELYSE CREAM

10.00 M›NOX›D›L

If you use it like that minoxidil starts to work because There is "retinoik asid" in the acnelyse cream which helps minoxidil to be more conductive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Donít use acnelyse cream so much to your head. Less is better.

After 2 months you can use betnovate day by day. After 4 months you can use betnovate 2-3 times a week.

((if it really does not work ...u might change the betnovate for minoxidil.. for sure it will help than !!!!!))

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