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hello dr i'm 30 yrs old male and have scalp dermatitis problem. my scalp itches and when i itch there is white greasy substance. i went to dr he gave me ketoconazole 200 mg two times for 10 days, ketoconazole and salicylic shampoo, and a clitromazole and steroid solution to put on my scalp. i did this for 10 days but again i have that problem. is it fungal or bacterial i want to know. my scalp has no other issues. i do not have visible flakes. only grease comes out when i scratch."


Please see my many other answers to this same question about oily scalp and dandruff and dermatitis.

These issues are not cured by medicated shampoos and drugs.  These issues are cured ... ended ... by changes in diet and nutrition.  Our scalps are not supposed to be excessively oily or dry and the condition of our skin is affected by our diets.  Our hair and our skin are the proverbial canary in the coalmine which gives indications about our total health.

So if you want to cure your ailment rather than just treating it, check out the following resources:

Dandruff and Diet


Learn treatments and cures as well as what causes these conditions.

Don't be tempted to look at health in the Western way, which isolates parts of your body instead of seeing it as one big organism where all the parts effect every other part.

But diet is just part of it.  You'll want to make sure you exercise and sweat each day and keep your scalp and your hair clean.

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