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Hello! I am an 18 year old girl, of South Asian origin. I have noticed that in the last four months my hair has begun to fall rapidly and now i have a "bald spot" - where my considerably long hair falls apart to reveal scalp that my friends joke about. They only do it in jest but i do get embarrassed! The spot has since grown and it is now a patch.
My hair has thinned overall, but the hairfall is mostly concentrated on my crown and the area hurts as if i have had my hair in a tight ponytail for days. But i do not wear tight ponytails so this cannot be the cause.
I haven't done anything out of the ordinary recently, i have always stayed up late to finish homework and projects, always been a poor eater, but its only now that my hair has begun to fall so much.
My weight varies between 38 and 42 kgs, and my diet on a usual day is as follows:
Breakfast: bowl of milk and cornflakes
Lunch: A handful of rice and curry OR one roti and some vegetable.
Snack: An omelette,a glass of milk,and sometimes biscuits
Dinner: Roti and nutella (chocolate spread) or vegetable.
What could be the reason for balding? My late nights, lack of exercise, or poor diet - or maybe extensive use of hair products? i only use shampoo and conditioner, twice a week. I rarely use any other product on my hair. So i dont think that's the reason.
Do you have any suggestions for how i can improve my nutrition? What helps hair growth?
Any help would be much appreciated!

The most common hair loss condition that causes actual bald spots is alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack hair follicles. Although this condition carries a genetic predisposition, it is thought that it becomes activated due to a "trigger" or "stressor" Anything that causes the body to adjust can be considered a trigger or stressor. Common triggers include extreme stress, major life change such as relocation, vaccination, medication, exposure to toxins or allergens, recent illness or infection, etc. Environmental allergies and sensitivities are common with alopecia areata and all autoimmune disorders. With alopecia areata it is important to balance the immune system, avoid allergens, reduce stress and also to treat the bald spots. Essential oil scalp treatments have been found to be very effective to stimulate hair growth in many persons with alopecia areata. You can learn more about the types and causes of female hair loss and using essential oils as a natural hair loss remedy at the links provided below.  
Please let me know if I can help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
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