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Hi Melanie,  I've been VERY concerned about my daughter's hair loss over the past 10 months.  At first we thought it was hormonal and would pass, then she started multi-vitamins, then I made the connection that it had started 2 months after getting her second gardisal vaccination.  I've found so many blogs listing gardisal as a hair loss factor, but most are from 2008 and 2009.  Do you have any information as to whether hair has grown back over time after getting gardisal?  Any suggestions on what to do?  We're seeing a dermatologist and naturopath, but are just now waiting for test results.  I'm frantic.  Thank you.

I'm sorry this happened to your daughter. The time frame of the hair loss does indicate that the vaccination may have triggered the hair loss, as hair usually begins shedding 2 to 3 months after the trigger. The main therapy for side effects of this vaccination centers around detoxing the body from the harmful ingredients. The naturopath you are seeing should be able to help your daughter detox safely. It is speculated that the aluminum used in the vaccination may be a factor in the many various side effects including hair loss. Aluminum interferes with iron, zinc and selenium. An imbalance in any of these nutrients can lead to hair loss. Your naturopath may work with your daughter to see if she has any toxicities or deficiencies. In addition to detoxing and replenishing, topical treatments can be used to stimulate hair growth. Essential oil scalp treatments can be used as a natural hair loss remedy. Essential oils help stimulate new hair growth by increasing nourishment and energy directly to the follicle and root of hair. You can learn more about using essential oils for hair loss at the links provided below. Please keep me posted.
Please let me know if I can help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
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