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This is the case of Ankita (name changed), a 21 year young girl, who has been suffering for over two years from progressive hair loss through hair thinning which has become  very severe of late.
1)  She has thinning hair on the centre parting area, the crown and on the temporal areas (the area above the ear). There is no receding of hairline.
2)  Father and grandfather (family history) had premature male pattern baldness.
3) Her mother has very thick hair
4) She was on anti- depression medication (Escetalopram) for 11/2 years between March 2008 and July2009 approx.
5) There was a period when she had tremendous hair-fall for 2-3 months which, after a while, subsided on its own.
6) Cysts were detected in both her ovaries in Feb 2010 and the Physician said she had Bilateral Polycystic Ovarian Disease.  At this time her Hormone profile taken on the 3rd day of the cycle was completely normal. At this time she was prescribed:
   Metformin 500 mg   and Aldactone 100mg which she did not take as the Endocrinologist we consulted said she did not have PCOD.
7) Around September 2010 she started experiencing gaps in her hair-tiny patches.Various Dermatologists termed it Telogen- Eflluvium and along with a few supplements prescribed:
   Topical Minoxidil5% which had to be discontinued after a short while as it led to serious Hypertrichosis on the face and neck. Even 2% Minoxidil led to the same.
8) Her Physician again prescribed Metformin 500 and Aldactone 100 which filled the gaps temporarily.
      But the problem resurfaced somewhere in the beginning of April 2011.
   The above two medicines were continued (approx) till March 2012 but her Hair     thinning hasínt been arrested and continues still.
9) Between then and now she has undergone innumerable tests, the results of which   are displayed in the table attached.          .   
She has been advised Iron capsules, nutrition rich diet, multivitamins etc. by numerous Dermatologists and Endocrinologists, none of which seems to have made any difference.
Please diagnose her condition and suggest treatments to immediately arrest hair fall and subsequent hair regrowth.
In particular, Ankita would like you to analyse and comment on the connection between the diagnostic reports and hair loss and also comment on the type and severity of thinning.

Hello: Thank you for the question but I am not a doctor so I cannot diagnose her condition. Also I did not see the "table attached" with results that you mentioned (unless you are referring to points 1-8.)
I can tell you that the medication she was on for depression is known to cause hair loss in many women. You can do a web search of the name of medication along with the words "hair loss" and you will see countless stories of women who have experienced the same. If the hair loss began several months after starting the medication, the medication may have triggered the hair loss. One of the reasons that medications cause side effects such as hair loss is due to the fact that they deplete or inhibit the absorption of certain nutrients that are necessary for sustaining healthy hair growth. With medication-induced hair loss the hair often restores back to normal within 6-9 months after medication has been discontinued and body has recovered from the effects. When hair is is triggered by medication but other imbalances are present, the hair loss may continue.
It is also important to consider the source of her depression as the source of her depression may be tied into her hair loss. If the depression was due to hormonal problems, this could also be cause of hair loss. Depression that is not due to life circumstances may have a physical root such as nutritional imbalance, thyroid, systemic yeast infection, poor diet, systemic inflammation, unknown gluten intolerance, etc.
Telogen effluvium causes excessive shedding. The heavy shedding she experienced for a period of 2-3 months may have been telogen effluvium. When shedding continues for a period of six months or longer, the condition is considered "chronic telogen effluvium"--indicating an internal imbalance.
With telogen efflvuium the hair fall is diffuse rather than in localized areas. If her hair is now thinning but not shedding excessively she may be experiencing another type of hair loss. It may be helpful to re-visit the possible ovarian disorder. Also do a web search on the medication that she is on now to see the relation to hair loss.
Right now diet is extremely important for her hair health, and overall health and well-being. A nutrient rich, anti-inflammatory diet with lots of fresh whole foods is very helpful for all conditions involving hair loss.
Because her hair grew back temporarily it does indicate that the follicles are still alive and able to produce hair. This is a good sign.
Essential oil scalp treatments can be used to help stimulate new healthy hair growth and improve quality of existing hair. This is not a substitute for determining and treating underlying issues.
Unfortunately there is no treatment that can "immediately arrest hair fall and subsequent hair regrowth". Patience is required as the body will use it's energies to heal underlying issues before it will use it's energies for hair growth. As the body becomes healthy, nourished and balanced, better hair growth will follow. You can learn more about using essential oils as a natural hair loss treatment at the links provided below.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
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