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I have been getting my hair professionally highlighted for the past 10+ years. She does NOT color or bleach the hair. Within the last 6mo. my hairdresser recently noticed that my hair was breaking when it came in contact with the highlighting solution and that when she washed it I was having further hair loss (more then average). I have not noticed any lifestyle changes that could be contributing to this issue. What could be causing this hair loss? What can I do differently, so that I can continue to get my hair highlighted without losing an abnormal amount of hair?

The main cause of hair breakage is due to over-processing with chemicals, heat, etc. Because your hair broke off when it came into contact with solution, this would be the most probable cause--whether this is the same solution you've been using for the past ten years or not. You did not mention what type of solution she is using to highlight your hair (just that it is NOT bleach or dye?) so I can't comment on that.
If you are experiencing actual hair loss in addition to breakage, there may be something else going on. Other causes of hair breakage include fungal infection of scalp and/or hair, thyroid disorder, medications, autoimmune disorders, severe nutritional deficiency, etc. These conditions can cause hair to become dry, brittle and fragile, making them more prone to breakage. Dry, brittle, fragile hair due to these conditions will not be able to withstand chemical treatments.
Feel free to reply back with more information such as if you are also experiencing hair loss from roots, etc.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
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