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Dear sir,i am age is 22.i am a male.sir my problem is that i am suffering in hairfall problem..sir how much hair fall in a day is normal..and i also want to know after fall down my hair is it possible to regrowth my hair again..pls sir if u will help me to solve my problem i will be ever grateful to u.

Shahadat ...

Each day everyone loses hairs, between 25 to 100 per day is not uncommon.  If you are losing more hair than that, you may in fact be suffering from genetic male pattern baldness or your hair loss may be due to some other cause such as stress or improper nutrition.  If you are suffering from hereditary hair loss, there really is little you can do at this point besides getting desperate and paying a lot of money for products that don't work.  There are two products that "work" for a small amount of people who try them, but there are side effects and other issues you need to be aware of.  Those two are Propecia and Rogaine (Minoxidil).  Learn all you can to determine if what they might deliver to you is worth the potential side effects.  Hair loss due to stress will grow back once the stress ends.  Proper diet and nutrition is important.  Learn all you can about hair loss and health so you can learn how proper nutrition and exercise can help improve your hair.

That's the place to begin.

Good luck.

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