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QUESTION: I have been getting my hair professionally highlighted for the past 10+ years. She does NOT color or bleach the hair. Within the last 6mo. my hairdresser recently noticed that my hair was breaking when it came in contact with the highlighting solution and that when she washed it I was having further hair loss (more then average). I have not noticed any lifestyle changes that could be contributing to this issue. What could be causing this hair loss? What can I do differently, so that I can continue to get my hair highlighted without losing an abnormal amount of hair?

ANSWER: Hello Cynthia,

Well first of all you have to use either color or bleach to highlight the hair unless I'm not aware of some new lightening technique. When doing a highlight, if you over lap the solution it is very likely that the hair will break at that point.

There are two likely causes contributing to the sudden breakage:

1. The hair is getting damaged from the highlighting process. It may not have in the past however, it sounds like your hair  has become more fragile. (This is the most likely)

2. Something has changed in your life, such as pregnancy, stress, meds, etc.

Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your response John. If my hair is getting damaged from the highlighting process, is there anything I can change with the highlighting process that will allow me to continue to get my hair highlighted without also having the hair breakage?

Hello Cynthia,

After consulting with Color Specialists on your question I received the following response:

"It is difficult to answer this person's question without knowing what kind of highlighting process her hairdresser uses, i.e. mixing with bleach or with high lift color.
At this point, without the benefit of actually seeing her hair, I would recommend that she visit another hairdresser for a professional consultation."

I hope this helps!

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