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Hi I am only 19 years old an I am having issues with hair loss. It is from the top of my forehead. From both of the Conners of my hair line in the front

Hi Jas:

I'm very sorry this is happening to you at such a young age.  At 19, you should be focused on things other than your hair. From your description, you most likely are suffering from the early stages of male pattern baldness.

Please see my previous answer for another young man, Ali, who is 19, but who tried Rogaine.  I don't recommend that route.  It's expensive and has side effects.  Same with Propecia.

You never want to choose a route that takes all of your money but doesn't deliver hair and right now, there is no cure for genetic hair loss, only treatments that work to one small extent or another.

Read my previous email to Ali and ask any questions if you have any.

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