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QUESTION: Hi, I'm 27 years old, male, and for the past two years or so I've been getting a larger forehead and receding hairline. Also throughout my scalp and crown I'm developing thinning hair and semi-bald spots and I find that I'm constantly having to do "comb-overs" with my comb that I carry around. All of this has had an overwhelming effect on me and I really cannot picture myself going bald. Are any of the following habits that I've been doing at fault?...I use Pantene Pro-v two in one as shampoo, I take long hot showers (but I NEVER apply the hot water on my hair, I cool the water before applying it to my head), and I drink Dr. Pepper, mostly for lunch at work, then have chocolate milk at night for dinner. Also I go for brisk uphill walks and then jog, and I do all this excercise covering my hair with a hood. Could any of these be at fault? Also I live near Vancouver, British Columbia and have been researching some of the hair restoration clinics down there...lots of mixed reviews and scam warnings, and lengthy expensive preocedures that show very little to no results. I'm very confused. I've also heard of certain pills, such as propecia and proscar, and I've also heard about a little lazer comb that you can get that will give you better results than any lazer therapy session at a clinic. I can't figure out which of these are right for me and what works and what doesn't. Can you point me in the right path? Do you know of any good clinics in my area that actually produce results and won't break the bank? And if I can't re-grow anymore hair, is there something I can do that will prevent any more hair from receding from my crown, or my hairline? Also can you provide me with a list of "do's" and "do nots"? Please provide me with as much information as you can, because I am really overwhelmed with this condition and I have no idea what to do or who to trust. Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Mike,

You are over thinking things............First off 2 in 1 shampoos are terrible as they are poor cleansers.  Use a good claryfing shampoo (probably for oily hair).  Hot water is best to shampoo with as well as to rinse shampoo and conditioner off the hair and scalp.  Furthermore the hot water helps to bring blood to the scalp which is healthy and feeds the hair follicles.  Exercise is good to encourage blood flow, try to keep your sugar intake to a minimum. Wearing a hood or hat may be detrimental as it promotes sweating which is a contributing factor to hair loss. Drugs such as Propecia and Minoxidil often have negative side effects and must be committed to lifelong use.........I am NOT a fan of this route.  There are NO laser combs that have any meaningful contributing benefits to regrowth or healthier hair growth.  You are much better off doing a daily 5 minute scalp massage and encouraging scalp vasodilation in a natural manner.

Do List: regular and thorough Shampoo (double wash and rinse.) Do not use conditioner if not
        necessary. Shampoo after workout or sweating of the scalp.
        Daily exercise and multi vitamins
        Daily scalp massage (do not rub).
NOT to Do List: do not smoke,wear hats, take steroids.

Look into "natural Active" products.......check out your local supplier of Nisim NewHair Biofactors......they have a money back guarantee on there Products.

Best of Luck.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I just have a few more questions...

1) It's very cold where I live for most of the year, so would it be okay if I still wore a hood or a cap, and then had a shower after I got home? What if I waited an hour and then have my shower, or do I have to shower right after the workout?

2) What kind of multi-vitamins do I need? Are there any side-effects, and do I need a prescription? Can they easily be obtained?

3) Would a replenishing herbal shampoo containing Rose Hips, Vitamin E and Jojoba as well as natural plant-derived ingredients work? Are there certain ingredients that I should avoid in shampoos, or that I should look for that promote hair growth?

4) I read in a magazine at a doctor's office today about tips on reducing hair loss, and rinsing your hair with cool water was one of them (???). I was told to never apply hot water directly to the scalp. Can you clear up this contradiction, because I'm a little turned-around.


Hi Mike,

1)Wearing hats/caps is fine.............if you sweat you must remove this dirt and salys and oils at your earliest opportunity as it clogs the pores.

2) A good multi vitamin such as Centrum Extra is readily available and you can safely take 2 a day rather than the one that is recommended (at least for a few weeks) as your body will take what it needs and discard any excess.

3)Simple clarifying shampoos that contain amino acids are best.

4)Hot water is definitely best as it is REQUIRED to activate the cleansing benefits of any shampoo and just as importantly being able to thoroughly rinse everything away.  The heat also helps to bring much needed vasodilation to the scalp extremities.

Good Luck.

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