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   I have had a problem with my scalp for the last year.  It started after i tried to get a fitness regieme going (exercise only not diet as far as i can remember) It might have developed from a fungal infection as i was given nizoral shampoo and had a cyst removed from my crown.  In short the doctors said it was probably seborrheic dermatitis and the symptoms are a red scalp, no scales as far as i can tell and my hair is shedding and regrowing constantly.  Al though my hairline is genetically slightly receded i don't think i am genetically inclined to go bald (no one in my family has severe  MPB) but I am concious about my appearance and it is unmanageable.  It might have been caused by wearing tight hats ( as part of a jobi had) but is persistant .  I have also been experiencing stress as i am doing a masters degree and my sister is fighting bowel cancer.  I have found out that i have a slight allergy to dust and grass but as far as i know dust is more of a respiratory problem ?  I am trying an elimination diet of wheat and dairy at the moment and will look into caffeine and alcohol if that doesnt work. I have also tried adding johobo, coconut and tea tree oil to my scalp at night (and at seperate times apple cider vinegar) but these dont seem to work effectivily.  Is there any advice you can give me to relieve the itching, stop the shedding or calm the reddening of the scalp ?

I sometimes get very minor rashes on my arms too and am on antihistimines.  I am confident that my hair will regrow after i control my condition but cant seem to identify what could be flaring it up  If you need anymore follow up advice please ask, all i know from the dermatologist is my cholesterol is a little high (from blood tests), it isnt a thyroid problem, its not lycan planus and a biopsy was inconclusive

Many thanks in advance

Hello Andrew,

Exercise is good but diet is equally important.  A good broad spectrum multi vitamin and lots of vegetables and fruits will help.  It is good that you eliminated the Thyroid as a possible cause.

The hat wearing and excess Stress certainly don't help the issue and PLEASE keep away from putting any OILS on the hair (AND ESPECIALLY SCALP)as this just accelerates the clogging of the pores and helps advance the hair loss.  Have you tried Selenium Sulfoxide (Selsun Blue)?  A good and thorough double wash and rinse daily or even every other day should help after a few weeks with the itching and redness.  Omit the vinegar and other similar treatments as they shock the ph levels and dry out the hair shaft without contributing anything of value.  If you smoke cutting this out wouldn't hurt.

Best of Luck.

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