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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Michael Garcia,
 I am writing to you with regard to a sample product I received recently . I do not suffer from hair loss, but due to dying my hair excessively, I left myself in a position where my hair felt like chewing gum and broke constantly, leaving my clothes (and seats I sat in etc) covered in hairs. As you can guess, my hair length and thickness reduced rapidly.
I decided to dye it back to its "natural" colour so that I could allow it to grow out. I cut off all the broken, wiry ends and went scouring the Internet for hair growing tips etc.

I had many friends and friends-of-friends, hairdressers even, suggest I buy horse shampoo and use it. I'd heard before that horse shampoo helps to make your hair stronger, thicker and grow quicker - but I'd never tried it. So I ordered a shampoo and conditioner from a well known horse hair care brand (for the want of a better description) but thankfully they had a human range of the same type of products so I bought that. When I received my items in the post I was given a sample of another type of hair growing treatment along with it. It claims to be a DHT blocker and that by blocking 'harmful' DHTs it allows your hair to grow.

I'm just wondering if you could tell me what the side effects of using this product would be? You apply it onto your scalp/roots etc., leave it for say the night and then wash it out in the morning. A friend of mine used this particular product as well as hair growth promoting shampoos and in the space of ten days her hair had grown half an inch. Upon researching it I have come across a vast array of opinions from no side effects to permanent blocking of DHTs to uncontrollable weight gain (and the list goes on).
The results of this DHT blocker were of course great in relation to hair growth but, I cannot help but worry that there is some underlying problem, some serious side effects that are as of yet unseen.

Any help you can offer me, is and will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking your time to read this.

Many thanks and kind regards,

ANSWER: Hi Andi ...

If your hair situation comes from dying your hair excessively, you need to think of a completely different approach.

First, and I'm sure you've figured this out already .. STOP coloring your hair and using dangerous and harmful chemicals anywhere near your scalp and hair. Even to dye it back to where it was before.

You probably have a condition called central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia or CCCA. This is also called "scarring alopecia" and is caused by heated styling tools, bleaches and really harsh chemicals.  This condition can permanently affect your hair and scalp but it can be turned around if you catch it early enough and begin treatment early enough.

The most common course of action is oral and topical antibiotics followed by cortisone injections and/or topical cortisone cream to reduce the inflammation that is damaging the follicles.  You should see a physician too what shape your scalp is in under your hair and to examine your follicles.  After they treat it, you can use special shampoos or Rogaine for women if you want to go that route to stimulate new growth.

Here is a great article to read:

Do not wait.  See a physician and get your scalp and follicles fixed.  As you suspect, there may in fact be an underlying problem and I'll bet there is.

As far as the product goes, without seeing the ingredients or knowing what the product is and what it does, I cannot tell you what the potential dangers are.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Dr. Michael Garcia,
Thank you so much for response due to problems with my computer and internet access and then email access I have been unable to write back to your answer.
 The product that I was referencing was " groganics  DHT BLOCKER SYSTEM Hair Gro-n-Wild". It says it is "For advanced hair loss and severely thinning hair only!". The results to using this product are great, I wont lie, it's practically growing noticeably by the day. However this is what worries me. How can this be safe? Is it not in some way carcinogenic? In which case the price for faster growing hair is by no means justifiable. When using this product there is a tingling sensation on your scalp and then it feels slightly 'cool' for a while.
There is absolutely no denying that this product will not fix the damage I did to my hair (by the reckless bleaching) but it does make your hair grow at an exceedingly fast rate. I would greatly appreciate any help you an give me.
I know if I were to ingest the 'DHT blocker' n the form of a capsule or whatnot and if I were male I'd run the risk of prostate cancer... So as a woman applying this to my scalp, I'm afraid as to what the risks I'm running are.
Once again, I'd like to thank you so much for your previous answer, it was really helpful in more ways than one!

Many thanks and kind regards,

Andi ...

I am not familiar with these products.  I tried, without success, to find out exactly what is in the ingredients in that product.

The company that manufacturers it does not have a web site that I can find.

What I have read is that it has "all natural ingredients".  So I suggest reading the ingredients.  It can very well be safe, non-carcinogenic and something that works.  Consider yourself lucky to have found something that works for you.

As far as I can find, there are no adverse side effects.  

I recommend you pay attention to you feel, your sleep, your moods, etc. in order to learn for yourself the effects of a product such as this.

Good luck.

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