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Hello ! I am a 26/f who suffered from hairloss upon discontinuation of two different birth control pills this year. The first happened in October - December of 2011, the other started in August through October of this year. I've lost about 30 - 40% of my hair at this point. I have no hair loss in my family whatsoever. Both sides of my family have full heads of hair going back 100 years. At most, I think my grandfather had very VERY slight thinning in his older age, as expected.

Does this sound like telogen effluvium ? I've read a lot about it and my dermatologist stated that's what it was too. I see lots of regrowth but not all of what I've lost yet, also it is all under an inch and not making much of a difference right now. The loss is diffuse all over, although some areas seem thinner than others.

Thank you for all of your help.

Hi Abby ...

Yes, it sounds like a classic case of telogen effluvium.  It takes time to regrow hair loss from these dramatic shedding phases.  Going forward, have an increased appreciation for how sensitive your body is and, this especially, how sensitive our hair is.

When hair can shed like that from a "stressful" event, we realize that our hair (and skin) is really the canary in the coalmine, indicating to us important information about our overall health.

So be especially careful about the medicines you take and the food you eat.

Try not to stress out too much about this, as stress can keep you locked into a cycle of shedding.  Be very gentle with your hair as it is recovering and afterward.  Don't use tight braids and ponytails or use heated styling tools.

And for a great and easy-to-understand chart on what foods are good and what foods are not so good, check out:

Be patient and chill.  Let your body recover and try not to put it through too many more stress events.  :-)

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