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Hair Loss/Does excessive ejeculation at young age cause hairfall.Please help.very depress


QUESTION: Doctor i started doing ejaculation of semen(sperm) excessively like 2 to 3 times a day from age of 15male to 17 frequently! As when i started i started getting acne & hair loss.Some doctor say their is no relation between ejaculation ,hair loss & acne.But some Doc say excessive ejaculation can cause hair fall and then baldness eventually in genetically prone individuals and also if done excessively can cause pimples.So doctor at age of 20 male i have gotten bald and it is male pattern baldness but how much is my me.I am very worried & thinking of suicide due to my this mistake i have became bald at a young age.explain me in detail what is the relation and medical science say.Thanks God bless You!!

ANSWER: Hello Adeel,

The amount of masturbation/ejaculation is NOT the cause of your hair loss and thinning.  It may certainly be genetic but I would recommend getting your Thyroid checked with a simple blood test. and try to maintain a healthy diet and daily vitamins as well as regular exercise and do not smoke.  Daily scalp massage is helpful and PLEASE shampoo regularly and thoroughly (using hot water) and do NOT put oils on your scalp.  If you MUST use oils put them on the ends of the hair only and use very sparsely.

Good Luck.

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QUESTION: One more thing i want to ask!
As i did over ejaculation from age 15 to 17 like 2 to 3 times a day and at 17 i went to doctor and he got a testosterone test which was very high.Doctor said its due to high sexual stimulation activity i have been doing for 2 years. so then i stop ejaculation for a year,will my testosterone level will come back to normal or it will remained higher due to sexual exhaustion i did to myself!

ANSWER: Hello Adeel,

Please understand that YOU did not contribute to this hair loss!  Testosterone is a factor but it requires to bind with the enzyme 5-Alpha Reductase to convert to DHT---the primary cause of Genetic Hair Loss. Please review my first response to you and follow up with those actions for best results in controlling your hair loss.

Best Regards.

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QUESTION: Thanks sir you have now calm my nerves.But i have one more question if you could clear or tell me the real reason because i am feeling guilty as i think its probably my mistake.
As i told you that at age 15 i started excessive ejaculation  like 2 to 3 times a day,as it was my growing age i thought it stop & stunted height due to excessive ejaculation/masturbation.I asked several doc they said it does not effect but the real problem is "one doctor told me that excessive ejaculation/masturbation can increase testosterone level high which could prematurely fused the growth plates!and so further height is restricted and that individual height is short than he could have reach by his potential"
As sir i started doing this act at15 and at 16 did bone age,growth plate were fused so i am feeling guilty as i could have closed my growth plates prematurely as this one doctor who said this connection is confusing me.plz explain would be very grateful.Thanks sir again

Hello Adeel,

I have never heard of the correlation between over ejaculation and " fused growth plates".

Your height is determined by your Genetics, Lifestyle, Diet and General Health.  There are many myths about the side effects of too much masturbation but most Doctors and Sex Therapists agree that there is NO HARM OBSERVED FROM OVER MASTURBATION/EJACULATION except for possible soreness to the groin if overly abused.

Best Regards.  

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