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I am a 19 yr old boy. Baldness is hereditary in my family (all my elder brothers are almost bald). The volume of hair at the top most point of head decreased in the past 2 years. I had this problem of dandruff and hair loss about 2.5 months ago so I consulted a dermatologist. He prescribed me a shampoo( ketoconazole 2 % w/v, zinc pyrithione 1 % w/v, aloe 0.5 % )for 2 months. My hair were better then without any dandruff. From the last few days of the 2nd month, hair began to fall excessively. I know that 50-100 hair fall per day is normal. But now I see at least 4-5 hairs whenever I stroke my hand over head. Moreover, on oiling (coconut oil) there are plenty of hair over the sink (which would be very few much before). I cut down my hair to an inch length but it was of no use. It has been almost 25 days since this condition. I am a self conscious person and I am very much worried about this.

What is the problem with my hair?? :(

I can attach an image if you want to see the amount of hairfall on oiling.

ANSWER: Hi Anon ...

I have answered this question many times.  It seems to be a very big problem.

First, if you have male pattern baldness, which you say is "hereditary", this does not mean you have to lose your hair, too, even if all of your brothers are almost bald. There are almost certainly nutritional and environmental conditions that are contributing to hair loss in all of you. Where once scientists said that we are slaves to our genes, and that if our genes say we're going to lose our hair, we will lose our hair, now science is telling us a different story.

Today, science is telling us that we can influence the way our genes are expressed through diet, stress management, exercise and positive relationships. More on that later.

Secondly, your dandruff. Dandruff should not be controlled by medicated shampoos. Dandruff should be controlled with diet. If your scalp is very dry or very oily, that's not good. And how oily our skin is - or dry - almost always has to do with diet and hydration.

Our skin and hair are fragile "organs" so to speak that often indicate to us the state of our total health.  Hair is so fragile that even stress can cause it to fall out.  So think about what a poor diet or poor hydration and lack of exercise can do, not to mention environmental considerations like what sort of dangerous chemicals are in your home, in the air, in your water, etc.

The medicated shampoo isn't helping the main issue.  Instead, learn about diet and nutrition from the Dandruff link above.

The easiest way to understand good and bad foods is through this web site:

Click on Food Choices.  There you will find an easy to understand layout of good foods versus bad foods.  If you begin eating right and drinking plenty of water, your dandruff will end without medicated shampoo.  The rest of this web site concerns exercise and fitness, stress management and positive relationships ... meaning, strive to have a lot of love in your life.

Making these changes and others - such as getting rid of all toxic chemicals from your home - will help you to feel better, healthier, sleep better, have more energy, have clearer skin and better sex. But it's a big commitment that has to last a lifetime. It takes courage.  Now you see why other men just want to take pills hoping to get healthier that way.  It doesn't work.

Lastly, as far as you being a self conscious person, we are all conscious of how we look and we all want to be looked at favorably. But if we lose our hair for whatever reason, then what?  Is all lost?  Is it hopeless?  No.  It is not hopeless.  We are more than our hair.  And the key to looking good anyway is feeling good.  If you increase your health, fitness and improve your diet, you will be more attractive and you will feel more attractive.  If you have the discipline to learn about nutrition and exercise and be healthy, you will have more confidence and those are the things that attract people to us anyway.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your enlightening answer!
The dandruff stopped after second month of application of the medicated shampoo. I don't use it now. I have uniform hair fall from all over the head.
Researching on internet showed it might be Telogen Effluvium. Shall I consult with a dermatologist? or just drink plenty of water and eat good food?

Telogen effluvium is a temporary hair loss condition resulting from physical or emotional stress. You can usually tell if this is the case if you've just endured a physical or emotional stressful event of some magnitude. In that case, the hair can begin to shed from all over your head and you will see little while bulbs at the end of the hair shaft.  In this case, the hair will grow back when the emotional or physical stress is gone.  Yes, you should always drink plenty of clean, filtered water, exercise and eat healthy food.  Exercise is a great way to overcome stress.

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