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Hair Loss/Folliculitis?


Pic of area
Pic of area  
I have a few red bumps in my pubic area. Each bump (about 3-4) had a hair, and sometimes 2 hairs coming directly out of the bump. I pulled the hairs out with tweezers and have been using hydrocortisone and neosporin (read it may help on the net) they itched a little at first when the bump was there. Now the bumps have reduced in size but there is a bit of a larger pink area around the spots they were.  I don't know if its relevant but I have had folliculitis once before in close to the same area. I do wear jeans that don't breathe very well everyday for work and sweat a decent amount in this area. Is this folliculitis again? If so is there anything better I can do for it?

Hi John,

It is best to have a doctor check it out to help determine the type of rash that you are dealing with.  Rubbing from clothing can certainly contribute to your problem but it may be fungal, viral, bacterial????  Your discolorization may be due to the cortisone.  Worth having it looked at.

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