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Hello. Sorry if my english is not perfect, i'll try my best. I am 24 years old male, and when I was younger i had a very thick hair. For the past 5 or  6 years I've noticed that I'm loosing my hair more than normal. Back then I started having some life issues that caused a lot of stress and until now countinously i've been under much stress of course with some unstressfl times in between. At the same point i started having a non healthy way of life, going to bed very late, most nights around 3 am and later. My dad is 74 and has normal hair, and my mom is 63 and altough she does have a bit weaker hair, it is still good for her age. My moms dad is the only one in family that is bold, and she says it is because he wore a hat always. I am trying to figure out if this is a genetical thing or the way of life thing,stress, and how to treat it. If it is stress caused, will it come back? In the mean time, i tried using a few things but not for a long period of time and i havent seen my hair getting better. I still have ok amount of hair, first i started loosing it on the sides of my head, but now i noticed that it became much less thick closer to the top in one section of my head. I also used SSRI's(antidepressive's Zoloft and Elicea about 6 months both), so maybe its got something to do with it. What do you think about whole this situation, and if it is because of stress will it come back? Thanks a lot! Happy New year! Have a great year!

Hi Filip ... your English is very good.  :-)

You're a very intelligent young man and I think you provide answers your own question.

Our hair is very fragile, so much that even stress can cause it to all fall out.  Temporary hair fall out caused by stress is called telogen effluvium. You may or may not have suffered from this temporary hair loss where dramatic shedding occurs.  Stress will cause our hair to fall out and the good news is that this sort of hair loss can be reversed.

Let's face it ... life can be stressful.  It's often stressful and we often make decisions that increase that stress in our lives.  Stress cannot only cause hair to fall out.  It can and does kill people and age us before our time.  Therefore, it should always be your goal to live a simple and uncomplicated life.  This is easier said than done.  I'm talking about having fewer "things". Not spending money on things you don't "need". Having fewer friends but deeper more rewarding friendships. Staying out of debt. Not being a consumer of goods.  Not comparing yourself to other people.

Yes, your hair can grow back to a greater or lesser extent.  It's hard to know just how much.  Exercise daily.  Learn to eat right.  This is very, very important to health and hair.  More on that in a minute.

As far as taking SSRI's, it sounds like you've grappled with depression and/or anxiety in your life.  I hope you're doing better.  Sometimes people really need those drugs to get their chemicals right.  Then there are those who believe that one can get one's chemicals right through exercise and diet.  SSRI's can absolutely and definitely contribute to hair loss.

Filip, there is no cure to hair loss right now.  It doesn't exist.  Not for pattern hair loss that scientists say is genetic.  But there is much we can do and it is all tied into our overall greater health and nutrition.

Because you're young and intelligent, I believe you'll appreciate this web site:

Dr. Dean Ornish argues that we can be healthier, happier people through a program of stress management, nutrition, exercise and increased and love, support and friendship in our lives.  For no charge, on the web site, he lays it all out for you, including an easy to understand chart about healthy good choices and bad food choices.  So move forward not thinking about the health of your hair, but think about the health of your body and mind.

Following this program will lead to more energy, better sleep, better sex, clearer complexion and more.  What you don't want to do is move forward considering potentially harmful drugs like Propecia and Rogaine.  Learn all you can about those drugs so you'll know better to stay away from them.

Happy New Year, Filip and YOU have a great year.  This is a great time for all of us to begin practicing healthier habits that will enrich our lives and make us feel better and look better.

Check back and tell me how it all goes.

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