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I was on the Mirena IUD for just over 2 years. After 1 year on it I noticed I was shedding but my hair was so thick it didn't both me and I just thought it was normal. After about 1.5 years on it I noticed a small thinning area in the center of my forehead in my fringe area. Freaking out at this I researched possible causes, googled Mirena IUD and hair loss and to my utter shock I see mass's of sites and blogs of women who have experienced sever hair loss on this form of BC.

So after 2 years of having it in, and experiencing hair loss I went to my doctor who denied there could be any link as the Mirena is a localized form of BC and doesn't affect the rest of the body and just stays in the pelvic area. I of course said well theres masses of info on the net of women who are experiencing hair loss from the Mirena IUD to which e was very skeptical.

Anyhow I had it removed which was about 4 months ago now. Since having it removed I have experienced terrible shedding. The shedding now appears to have stopped. 6 weeks ago I could literally sit there stroking my hair and hairs would just continually come out in my hands. Now if I stroke my head maybe 3 or 4 hairs might come away at most. I have lost at least a third of my hair, possibly half and my fringe area and temples is very thin. I don't know if I have had worse shedding in my hairline or if it is just because my hair was not as dense there even when my hair was very thick and so with all over hair loss I am noticing it there more because I can see it and because it was not as thick to begin with.

I am very scared at this point, like I say I think the shedding has ceased but as I have lost so much I am scared that even just loosing 20 hairs a day, if regrowth is not keeping up with it I will continue to thin.

I can see some regrowth but the hairs are very fine and I cannot see many of them. And in my fringe area there is not enough regrowth for it to stop me seeing my scalp. My doctor is clueless and has now referred me to a dermatologist.

I have been in touch with a hair loss clinic in the UK, Belgravia in London who recommend to me 4% monoxide + azaelic acid to regrow the hair. I am not opposed to this and am going to start treatment. I know that telogen effluvium, if that is what I have experienced, can recover but I am scared it won't and I don't want to wait and it get worse when I would rather pay for treatment. Even if I will have to stay on this treatment for life, i would rather spend the money on that than continue to experience this.

What is your advice on my situation? In this type of hair loss does regrowth occur without treatment? How long after telogen effluvium does regrowth occur?

Any type of hormonal birth control can cause hair loss. There are many reasons that birth control causes or contributes to hair loss. Understanding (how and why) can help you to take measures to inhibit the effects and recover the loss. I am including a link to an article which explains this. Many people are not aware that birth control can cause nutritional imbalances, inflammation, systemic yeast overgrowth, etc. All these conditions can lead to hair loss.
Telogen effluvium does not cause permanent hair loss. The hair is always replaced. The only time it causes noticeable thinning is when the new growth does not have time to catch up with the shedding. Once the telogen effluvium is ended it can take six months or more for the new growth to add to the volume of hair--considering that hair grows at a rate of 1/2 inch per month.
It is important to realize that minoxidil is known to cause an initial shed, so you may have to endure more shedding prior to seeing positive effects. Unfortunately not everybody is made aware of this in advance so they are taken by surprise when it happens.
Birth control can also trigger the onset of androgenetic alopecia. You may not be able to tell if androgenetic alopecia is present until the hair has fully recovered from telogen effluvium.
Please let me know if I can help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
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