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Hair Loss/Is it my mistake..plz help sir thanks


sir i have two questions if you could clear or tell me the real reason because i am feeling guilty as i think its probably my mistake.
1.As at age 15 i started doing excessive ejaculation and that started causing my hair-fall.As i read that excessive ejaculation increase testosterone level which increase dht production causing hairloss. So sir is it due to my mistake of doing excessive ejaculation for 2 years cause me hairfall!after that i have stop this activity! and at age 20 i have became bald and doctor told it is male pattern baldness.I want to ask is it due to my this act which cause me baldness.Plz explain what the real link or factor it is to mm baldness.My all thyroid and all other tests are normal!

2.As i told you that at age 15 i started excessive ejaculation  like 2 to 3 times a day,as it was my growing age i thought it stop & stunted height due to excessive ejaculation/masturbation.I asked several doc they said it does not effect but the real problem is "one doctor told me that excessive ejaculation/masturbation can increase testosterone level high which could prematurely fused the growth plates!and so further height is restricted and that individual height is short than he could have reach by his potential"
As sir i started doing this act at15 and at 16 did bone age,growth plate were fused so i am feeling guilty as i could have closed my growth plates prematurely as this one doctor who said this connection is confusing me.plz explain would be very grateful.Thanks sir again

Most of the men desire to have a longer performance in bed; however they could not achieve it easily as they ejaculate sooner. Premature ejaculation is actually one of the things that trouble them. Do you excessively ejaculate? Well, if this is your problem, then you should take some time looking out on how you could fight it.

Although you are informed with the different aspects of the male enhancement techniques, you still have to find ways on how to get great results. But incomplete information will not do any good for you, so you have to know more. On the other hand, it is definitely proven that excessive ejaculation does not cause any harm into the body. However, this statement will definitely depend on the case of ejaculation. Whenever you have done over and prolonged ejaculation utilizing bad technique it can definitely cause bad effects. So, it is very important that you are able to know the moderate and excessive ejaculation.

There are also some cases that if you ejaculate excessively, you will definitely feel ache and other ill effects in the genital or even muscular body parts. Frictions sores are a dead giveaway that too much ejaculation will occur. Excessive ejaculation occurs once there is not right time between the periods of ejaculation for your genital area to fix whatever wear and tear that may happen. Ejaculation involves pressure and friction, so there is always a need for a time to rest and recovery after ejaculation or sexual action. Too much penis male enhancement through ejaculation happen once the time of rebuilding is short stop and not being able to take its course accurately.

The common problems that are associated with excessive ejaculation and whenever is not treated with the right male enhancement treatment will be blindness, hair that may grow on palms, impotency that may happened in the future, mental illness, lessens the sexual your sexual and semen production and quality. But these common myths are just folklore and there is no science that has proves these myths, unless otherwise precise uncommon cases happen. Ejaculation starts during the early years, so over the years you go on ejaculating as fast as possible and you do not understand that you are teaching your bodies to peak as rapidly as possible. This will surely result to a major sexual problem in recent time which is the premature ejaculation, which is the common one.

It is very important that you are able to know the bad effect the can be resulted to excessive ejaculation for you to prevent things that might happen in the near future. Details on the time or period when it might occur allow you to limit yourself on having a too much ejaculation. So, as a man, you should think about the others ways that will help you to have a larger penis aside from ejaculation, but still too much is bad. So, keep in mind that you have to keep things on moderation.  

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