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Hair Loss/Moved to Busan, Korea from Vancouver, Canada (hair loss)


Hey John,

I recently moved to Busan, South Korea about (3 months ago) from Vancouver, Canada and my hair has begun to thin out quite substantially. I have been reading on local blogs and heard from other foreigners here that they have the same problem. Apparently the water here is very hard, possibly due to old pipes in the city, most people in Busan stay away from drinking the water. I also noticed eczema showing up on my arms, and my dandruff is is quite bad. I bought a higher quality sprite shower filter, began taking biotin, some multivitamins. I am very active (working out 3 times a week). My diet is pretty well rounded, but as you can imagine there are a lot of carbs and spicy sauces in meals here. I've been trying to use bottled water when doing the last rinse of my hair wash every couple of days, and I use Dr. Bronner's magic soap for shampoo, or a biotin rich avalon shampoo but I don't think there has been much change. I was researching the pros and cons of distilled water vs. bottled water for washing, but cannot come up with any clear answers. My hair used to be so thick but it's made a huge change and I'm only 23!
I think I should maybe stop any of the Busan water from touching my hair all together...

Do you have any suggestions?
I really appreciate the help.
Thank you

Hello Joel,

I agree with not drinking the local tap water but it should not affect your washing with it, other than possible affecting any hair color that may be being used. Wash hair thoroughly using hot water and minimize the amount of hair styling products that you put back onto the hair and most importantly that make contact with the scalp.  A big move like yours with a significant lifestyle and diet change (as well as a totally opposite time zone) can certainly affect hair loss.  Stay away from using soap on the scalp and stick with a good clarifying shampoo that has amino acids.  Scrub thoroughly when shampooing and try to MASSAGE (not rub) your scalp a few times a day to improve blood flow on the scalp.

Good Luck.

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