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Hair Loss/Hair Fall - Seminal Leakage


I'm 17.I have seminal leakage. I have masturbated but not more than twice a week on average. I have extreme hairfall for a month now. I've done my research on it, and i think its because of seminal leakage.
Please recommend me a diet and a treatment of conventional medicine. Not herbal. Thanks

Hello Owais,

Please do NOT believe those few sites (poorly written and inaccurate) that link masturbation/seminal leakage to hairloss.  Please get a blood test for your Thyroid condition.

There is no concrete data to support a link between these issues and hairloss.  If Thyroid is normal exercise, daily vitamins and Supplements along with proper regular shampoo with hot water and NOT applying oils to your hair (especially scalp!)will all help to ease the hairloss.

Good Luck.

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