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i am 21 from north india. right now it is a monsoon season. i have rebonded my hairs a week back and now my hairs are falling vigorously.. even after washing my hair within one day my scalp become so oily and also small white pimples(i dont know whether it is dandraff) appears and they are also itching.  m very much fed up. before rebonding also these white acne (may be small follicus)were there. due to itching i scratch them a lot plz help me to get out of this. also suggest some dietary supplements. reply soon plz :-( thank u

Rebonding your hair can cause the hair to become fragile and thus the hair can break easily giving the appearance that you are losing hair. Oily scalp is treated with detergent shampoos to remove the oil. The white pimples could be folliculitis of the scalp in which case you would need oral antibiotics to control the infection,folliculitis. Biotin 2.5mg per day helps to strengthen hair and nails.

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