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Hair Loss/Hair Loss getting worse and worse, only 63


I don't know if it's stress, poverty that causes me to not get enough protein or what but I'm losing about a handful of hair whenever I brush or shampoo and I don't brush for very long.

Rogain was recommended but it smells bad. I've tried various hair vitamins, biotin, etc. Nioxin shampoo, etc.

It's very upsetting. Feel like entire sections from the back of my head are gone just in the past 3 months.

It's been recommended that I try Iron sulfate 324 mg 1x a day. I need to know the very best solution even if it's a gunshot solution.

I have thin/fine hair and I used to have alot of it and now I have significantly less and it looks really crappy. Thinking of cutting it shorter.

It's curley so I don't blow dry often. I dye it once every 8 weeks and try to not die once every 4 weeks. Don't know if it's the stress, the hair color, the age but I'm betting on the stress.

Please suggest whatever you can and know that I prefer more natural remedies rather than something like Rogaine and using Nioxin really dried the hair.

The shampoo I have from the health food store is fine. I think it's the stress.

Tell me what I can do
For how long
What results I might expect.
Many thanks

ANSWER: If this is Androgenetic Alopecia you may need medications despite only wanting natural remedies there may be a need for taking such as spironolactone to block your normal adrogens which are telling your hairs to fall out. Rogaine Foam 5% for men applied only once a day  in the morning does not leave the hair greasy and has no odor after it is applied and it works as well or better than the 2% for women use twice a day.

You may have a condition called Alopecia Areata if it is sudden loss limited to one area in the back of your head.  In that case you would need cortisone shots into the balding areas.  I suggest you see a dermatologist to determine exactly the cause so you can more appropriately pick the right therapy.

   If you want to get a non prescription shampoo and lotion to use I suggest you get Revivogen products but still use Rogaine Foam in the AM.
The Revivogen products are the best of the non prescription treatments for hair loss.‎

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your response. My doctors at Kaiser don't seem to be taking this very seriously. Maybe it's Kaiser. I don't know. Rogaine has been mentioned and since you don't think it smells, perhaps I'll try that. I have HOWEVER HEARD THAT YOU CAN NOT GET OFF THE ROGAINE... meaning you have to keep taking it to get results and I'd like something I don't need to take indefinately as I don't want to incur either costs or high side effects. Can you comment on this?

Can the Rogaine be used on dry hair or only after shampooing?

For shampoos I've been using a health food product I've loved and would like your comments on it:
GIOVANNI conditioners and shampoos, they smell great, no laurel sulfate and have used for about 2 or more years now.

I think it's more stress causing this then products but I'd welcome your comments.

Also, what kind of doctor are you?

Many thanks

ANSWER: Madison,
  It is 5% Rogaine Foam that I suggested- It may have a brief alcoholic order at time of application but that dissipates quickly.  If you are using Rogaine Foam as a crutch to help you through a stressful period there is no need to worry about becoming dependent on it. You can use it daily for the next six months until you get your life stress free and then taper off the Rogaine. No one forces you to stay on Rogaine- it is not a narcotic- you can get off it any time you wish, just as you seem to like GIOVANNI  conditioners and shampoos. It is true you will miss the increased density you will note due to minoxidil making the hairs grow thicker and longer but that is your choice. I assume you want to stop the TEs and would like thicker and longer hairs so Rogaine seems to be the natural first step.
 Another option is to use a different method of stimulating hairs to grow using Low Level Laser Light Treatment -- LLLLTx-
The best method of stimulating hairs with no chemicals  -- no smell-- and you treat your hair when you want--would be with LLLLT and the best products for this would be either the LaserCap or the Capillus system‎

I am a board certified dermatologist who has specialized in hair restoration for over 40 years.
You can read more about various treatments and my bio at my website

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

mY Follow up is you said
1. Get the Rogain foam 5%
2. Can it be used on dry hair?
3. Is there a shampoo and conditioner that will help and also NOT DRY OUT THE HAIR? iF SO,  please provide brand name or sorry, what I think you suggested was Revivogen and I'm figuring they make a shampoo?
3a. Are there specific Revivogen products you'd recommend?

1. Yes- 5% Rogaine Foam -- not the generic lotions which have propylene glycol which can be irritating.
2. Yes - it should be used on dry skin-- DO NOT waste it on your hairs-- it is to rubbed into the skin
3.  I would suggest either DHS zinc shampoo with 2% zinc pyrithione or if that leaves your hair too dry try REVIVOGEN Shampoo
4.  Other than the Revivogen Shampoo you could use their topical lotion IF you do not like Rogaine Foam
         (Rogaine Foam  works better for most people)

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I have 30 years experience in the field of medical and surgical Hair Restoration and am Board Certified in Dermatology and Hair Restoration Surgery.


I have 30 years experience in the field of medical and surgical Hair Restoration and am Board Certified in Dermatology and Hair Restoration Surgery. More information can be found at my website

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