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Hair Loss/losing up to brushful hair each shampoo


I don't know if it's stress, poverty that causes me to not get enough protein or what but I'm losing about a handful of hair whenever I brush or shampoo and I don't brush for very long.

Rogain was recommended but it smells bad. I've tried various hair vitamins, biotin, etc. Nioxin shampoo, etc.

It's very upsetting. Feel like entire sections from the back of my head are gone just in the past 3 months.

It's been recommended that I try Iron sulfate 324 mg 1x a day. I need to know the very best solution even if it's a gunshot solution.

I have thin/fine hair and I used to have alot of it and now I have significantly less and it looks really crappy. Thinking of cutting it shorter.

It's curley so I don't blow dry often. I dye it once every 8 weeks and try to not die once every 4 weeks. Don't know if it's the stress, the hair color, the age but I'm betting on the stress.

Please suggest whatever you can and know that I prefer more natural remedies rather than something like Rogaine and using Nioxin really dried the hair.

The shampoo I have from the health food store is fine. I think it's the stress.

Tell me what I can do
For how long
What results I might expect.
Many thanks

It's very important to determine the type and cause of hair loss in order to implement the best treatment. If you truly are losing entire sections of hair from the back of head you may have a form of alopecia areata.
Both telogen effluvium and alopecia areata can cause rapid, excessive shedding. With telogen effluvium the hair loss will be fairly even throughout the scalp. Alopecia areata can cause patches of baldness or areas of baldness. The nape of neck is a common spot for alopecia areata to occur.
Have you seen a professional or received a diagnosis? You say you were recommended iron sulfate. Was it determined that your iron/ferritin levels are low? Low iron/ferritin can cause or contribute to hair loss. If your levels are indeed low, it would be important to get your levels up in order to facilitate hair growth. Even if there is another cause(s) of your hair loss, iron levels must be at a certain level in order for hair growth to resume once a hair loss condition is established.
Please send more information if you would like me to help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
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