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hi doc i have a history with minoxidil  
when i used it for the first time it was a consult from a doctor he told me that i should use it for six months and then quit it and so i did i used it for six months constantly twice a day and the results were great i had my hair back then after i quit it i lost the whole hair i gained and i became even balder but i did not quit i started looking for answer and i get it that i should not quit it so i start to use it again and after few months it grew up again and it was great then i used it for one time not twice then i lost my hair again but not as fast as the first time so i used it again twice a day but i still losing my hair in some areas and i have been losing my hair since then from tow months i just want to know why ?? and will my hair grow up again if i constantly used it twice a day ? and another question i am thinking of start wearing a hat until it grow up again so is it bad for my hair ?
please help me doctor i am a desperate teenager i am 17 years old
and forgive me for my language i am not very good at English .
thanks doctor sorry for the long speech .

Dear Sir

You have to use
1. Tab Recur 1 mg
2. Minoxidil Lotion 5%

for minimum 2 years
If you feel any difficulty please call us.

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