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Hair Loss/2nd round of TE?


Hi. 8 years ago I had a severe anaphalexis. Exactly 3 months later I went through TE. The hair came back fine. Throughout the years I had a couple of bad hospitalizations due to allergic reactions. I worried about the TE coming back, but it didn't. This past spring I had a couple of high doses of allergy shots in which I had hives. The dr. put me on small doses of prednisone. As of August I have been shedding hair badly. Is it possible that such a small reaction could start TE? I have been shedding for four months and it just seems worse this time. I have had the usual blood work ran, it all comes back fine. Thanks for any and all insight.

Dear Shana

Thanks for you query.
TE can occur after any serious illness and it is reversible.
So, you have nothing to be worried.
Please wait some times & you can take some multivitamin at the same time.
If you have any question please feel free.

DR S M Bakhtiar Kamal

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