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I am a 25 year old female suffering from hair loss. Approximately 4 months ago I noticed my hair line was receding/thinning in the front. Now I have noticed it seems to be thinner everywhere. The hair dresser told me to watch my part and it is slightly wider and wider in the front and my pony tail is significantly smaller.
I have to wait minimum 8 weeks to see a dermatologist and I am in agony. I went to Hair Club and they told me I have stage 1 hair loss (which I had already determined) and want to start me on a regrowth program that includes minoxidil and vitamin supplements and he told me once you have hair loss it is progressive. He said if something environmental turned on my hair loss early it will not stop now. He explained to me how DHT attacks the hair follicles and make them smaller and then die. He put my head under the microscope and showed me I do not have any dead follicles yet but some are sick and producing less and smaller hairs with less pigment.
I am afraid to start rogaine. I understand the early female pattern balding gene is on the X chromosome. My dad has most of his hair and my mom is 56 and complains her hairline is receding but is fine other than that. Wouldn't I have had to receive the early balding gene from one of my parents? Could my mom have been a carrier? Her mom had all her hair at 75 and her father lost his after 40.
I also have been through some significant stress in the past while. Insomnia, financial stress, my roommate passed away at 23 (1.5 months ago). However, I worry that because my hair loss has happened for a while (over 4 months) that it is the balding gene.
I also have problems with binge eating. I eat very healthy and balanced and mostly clean, but then I binge 3-4 times/week to the point of feeling sick. Could this be causing my hair loss?
All I want to know is if this could be reversible, or if I should start rogaine and this program to save the hair I have left.
I am taking a hair regrowth vitamin formulated for ppl losing hair. I also take Saw Palmetto and am taking Silicea.
Please help me. I am going crazy. I am going to a counsellor tomorrow. I hope they can help me with my eating disorder. It dose in fact correlate with the hair loss, as I got back from a trip in June and have been binging more and more frequently and intensely since. I'm praying for a reversible cause.

Eating disorder is a common cause of female hair loss. The most common type of hair loss caused by eating disorders is telogen effluvium. Any type of "stressor" can cause telogen effluvium. Eating disorders include physiological and psychological stressors. They can become quite difficult to overcome but it can be done. I wish you much luck in healing from this condition.
Telogen effluvium causes excessive shedding. The shedding usually occurs fairly evenly throughout the scalp but can look more pronounced in certain areas.
With telogen effluvium the hair loss cycle becomes disrupted, causing more hairs than usual to retreat to the telogen (resting) stage where they will then fall out approximately three months later.
Telogen effluvium does not cause permanent hair loss but the hair can become noticeably sparse if the condition becomes severe and long-lasting. When the shedding lasts more than six months the condition is termed "chronic telogen effluvium."
Chronic telogen effluvium indicates that there is an underlying internal imbalance that needs to be identified and corrected in order for the hair growth cycle to repair.
If you do not notice excessive shedding, just thinner hairs that provide less scalp coverage you may have androgenetic alopecia. This condition is a slow and gradual process. It does not happen suddenly. Androgenetic alopecia in women does not usually cause receding hair line. The thinning mostly occurs on the top/center of scalp, crown and bang areas.
Receding hair line at forehead and sides can be frontal fibrosing alopecia or a form of alopecia areata.
Please feel free to send more information so that I may help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig  

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