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QUESTION: hello, i have had hair loss since i was age 14. i am now 20 years old, and my hair continues to fall out more than normal.i am a female by the way. I've gone to many doctors and dermatologists many times and they never found a cause for my hair loss. i tried taking collagen, which did help, but once i stopped taking this supplement my hair continued to fall out. i know its not healthy to take too many vitamins so i want to cut back a bit. i tried changing shampoos to organic, and although it seemed to work for the first month or so, it continued to fall out again. theres been days when i hop out the shower only to pull out lots of strands of hair out my head, its scary i feel like i will go bald! i have such little hair and it isn't normal for someone my age. i don't have a thyroid problem, and the doctors told me I'm fine. they can't find a cause for my hair loss and its something I've been wanting to find a solution for the longest time. i never let me hair grow too much past my shoulders because the longer it is, the heavier it gets and the more it falls. i don't know what else i can possibly do to help stop this hair loss. also, i recently went to the doctors and they prescribed me with a liquid that decreases hair loss, but only while I'm still using it. I've tried so many things and i just don't know what to do. I'm considering getting rogaine for women if its my only option(but i really hope it isn't)

ANSWER: It is very important to determine the type of hair loss you are experiencing even if the doctors cannot find the actual cause. There are several types of hair loss that can cause excessive shedding as you describe. I will give you a little information on these types of hair loss to see if any of the characteristics are similar to what you are experiencing.
Loose Anagen Syndrome
With loose anagen syndrome hair can be easily and painlessly extracted from scalp as it is "loosely" anchored in the follicle. With this condition hair falls out during the growing (anagen) stage of the hair growth cycle. If you examine the root end of the fallen hairs you may find a tiny gelatinous pigmented bulb,or no bulb at all. The bulb may be so small that you can't see it but may be able to feel it. With this condition hair often won't grow past the nape of neck. Collagen supplement is used to help this condition. Because collagen seemed to help your hair loss you may want to look further into the possibility of this condition.
Alopecia areata
Alopecia areata an autoimmune disorder that causes hair to fall out. The most common form of this condition causes bald patches. If you have any areas of complete baldness you should consider the possibility of this condition.
Chronic telogen effluvium
Telogen effluvium causes the hair growth cycle to become disrupted resulting in excessive shedding. When the excessive shedding lasts more than six months the condition is considered chronic. Chronic telogen effluvium is an indication that there is an internal imbalance that needs to be identified and addressed. It can be something as simple as a nutritional deficiency or exposure to allergen. Any type of imbalance can cause this condition. Telogen effluvium causes hair to fall out fairly evenly throughout the scalp rather than in localized areas. With this condition the root end of fallen hair may have a small non-pigmented bulb. Once the underlying cause(s) is identified and corrected hair growth will improve.
Please feel free to send more information so I may help your further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
Understanding Female Hair Loss

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QUESTION: hello again, and thank you for your response. i am not sure to which hair loss type i have, but maybe if i describe it more you can hep decide on a solution. although my hair does fall out evenly throughout my scalp, it tends to fall out more in the middle top. I usually try to let my hair down and untied so that its not too tight, because i feel as if i were to tie it on too tight, my hair follicles would rip off easily. sometimes in the shower, when i gently pull on my hair after rinsing, any strands of hair fall out. and the root of the hair follicles all have that bulbous tip on the end. i started taking collagen again in the hope that it would help treat this hair loss, but i just wish i could find a solution to this once and for all. I even thought about stress. can stress cause extreme hair loss like my own, even if i don't consider it stress? i mean, i am a college student working part time at a fast food restaurant. it can get pretty stressful at times but most of the time i feel i can manage it pretty well. is there any type of medication or natural substances that can help decrease hair loss or even stress? if stress is the root of the problem, is there anything that can help alleviate stress? my doctors always told me i was naturally a nervous person, and many times i refused to believe that. i don't feel nervous. but maybe i am and don't even realize. can this be a potential cause for my hair loss? i can't really think of anything else , but I'm trying to give as much information as possible so that hopefully we can come to a solution for my hair loss. thanks again, and hope to hear from you soon!

Extreme emotional stress is one of the many possible causes of telogen effluvium. Extreme unresolved stress can also trigger alopecia areata in those who are genetically predisposed. Normal day-to day stress does not cause hair loss. You say you don't feel nervous but the doctors are telling you that you are naturally nervous. What are they basing this assumption on?
Have any of the doctors had an opinion about the type of hair loss you may be experiencing? It is extremely important to get a proper diagnosis, especially since you have been dealing with unexplaind hair loss for six years now.
It is important to see a professional who is knowledagble and experienced in hair loss concerns. If the type of hair loss cannot be determined through visual or microscopic  examination or through other diagnostic techniques, sclap biospy can be requested for more definite answers.
Essential oil scalp treatments can help stimulate healthy hair growth for certain types of hair loss. Although essential oils are often used as a safe and effective hair loss treatment, it is still important to determine and treat the underlying cause.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
Understanding Female Hair Loss  

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