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First and foremost, thank you for your service. I have always had really thick, wavy, corse hair. I've always also had some dandruff issues. However, as of the last year, my dandruff has gotten much worse around my hairline. It went from occasional flakes to chunks covering my scalp. I've noticed that my hair has started to thin around these same areas. Is there a correlation? What can I do help both? I am extremely worried about my hair loss- having had such thick hair all my life, this is one thing I never worried about. (My entire family has very thick hair even into their senior years.) Thank you again!

Hello Priscila,

Accelerated hair loss may accompany severe flaking of the scalp.  Do NOT ignore this area when shampooing , as you must wash away the build up of dead skin cells (visible as flakes)and spend extra time and effort when rinsing.  Rinse extremely thoroughly.  You may need to use a dandruff shampoo (ie. Selsun Blue, or Head and Shoulders).  It would not hurt to have your Dr. do a quick blood test to check your Thyroid as well (may be a contributing factor to the increase in hair loss?).

Good Luck.

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