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Dear sir, I am 28 years old male. I am having dandruff & hairfall problem from 14 years old. I tried many shampoos & oil but the problem was not solved. Please tell me a natural way to have dandruff free healthy hair. What precautions should I take for hair. I am a vegetarian from age of 20. What should I include & exclude in diet.

Warm Regards Please reply soon

Hello Gopesh,

Dandruff is merely an accumulation of many tiny dead skin cells that bind together to form larger "flakes".  Often it can be easily resolved by ensuring that:

Shampoo regularly and thoroughly with warm/hot water.  Scrub so that you REMOVE the accumulated dead skin cells away.

Rinse VERY thoroughly.

In most cases this will help to resolve your problem, however if it does not , it may be best to see a Dr. about a prescription for a medicated shampoo.

Good Luck.

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