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Hair Loss/15 year old girl hair loss


My daughter (15yrs.) has been "shedding" excessive amounts of hair for the past 3-4 weeks. She now has about 1/5 the hair she did. We can feel the "bulb" at end of hairs to indicate it is coming out at scalp.  She has been to dermotologist for biopsy with results of no problems indicated.  Blood tests are also normal. where do we turn next?
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Do you know if a Thyroid test was part of the Blood Tests done?  What did the Dermatologist biopsy? The scalp?  If so what were they looking for?  Where Hormonal levels all checked? Does your daughter use any prescription meds or Steroid based drugs?  Has she had a recent surgery that required an Anaesthetic?  Is she shampooing regularly and properly?

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