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Hair Loss/Losing and thinned hair all over body


Hello doctor i have big problem about hair loss and thinning all over my body(pubic hair and hair on arms).It started 7 months ago when i came back from barber i noticed that my hair got thinned on top, month before that i noticed that my  eyebrow got thinned too with eyelash falling out, my hairline is the same before hairloss started.I went to dermatologist and she told me every cause of diffuse hair shedding and loss like thyroid, iron, diet, stress and etc..
I checked my iron,thyroid,antibodies and other stuff everything were normal.
I find a half dozen hairs on the pillow when I get up, and during shower and drying the hair around the 90-100 more more.when i run with my finger trough hair i found 2-3 hair every single time.The situation is even worse because the hair all over my body(legs,arms,pubic hair,beard) has become soft on those places.Eyebrows were also thinned as the pubic hair, i had thickeyebrows before.
dermatologists here are very rude and not really educated about hair, just prescribe some some unknown Shampoo from their partner firm..
I think that i am suffering from a heavy metal poisoning(mercury) from my amalgam fillings.

A pair of white hair appeared on my eyebrows and eyelashes before months, what does this mean, they are longer and grow faster then other hairs??The biggest problem for me is texture of hair, its soft everywhere i must wash my hair every other day,like I was hit by a stun..

Please help me, any advice would mean alot to me, losing hair has reflected to my life

can you tell me please which cheks i should to do know that i am not suffering form metal poisoning, which test??

You most likely have what is called a telogen effluvium. This is where the hair goes into a shedding cycle.  In our clinic we treat this condition with B12 shots once a month.

Triggers of telogen effluvium are numerous.

Physiologic stress
Physiologic stress such as surgical trauma,high fever,chronic systemic illness, and hemorrhage are well known to cause telogen effluvium 2 to 3 months after the insult. Telogen hair shedding can be experienced 2 to 4 months after childbirth (telogen gravidarum).
Emotional stress
The relationship between emotional stress and hair loss is difficult to ascertain, and hair loss itself is stressful to the patient.Historically, acute reversible hair loss occurring with great stress has been reported. However, the relationship between chronic diffuse hair loss and psychological stress is controversial.Evidence for this association appears to be weak, as everyday stresses are likely not enough to trigger hair loss.
Medical conditions
Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause diffuse telogen hair loss that is usually reversible once the euthyroid state is restored.Chronic systemic disorders such as systemic amyloidosis,hepatic failure, chronic renal failure,inflammatory bowel disease, and lymphoproliferative disorders can cause telogen hair shedding. Telogen hair loss has also been reported in autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus and dermatomyositis, as well as in chronic infections such as human immunodeficiency virus type and secondary syphilis. Inflammatory disorders such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and allergic contact dermatitis can all cause diffuse telogen hair loss.

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