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I was diagnosed via scalp biopsy with telogen effluvium.  I had a bout of stressful events, unfaithful relationship, traveling overseas, dad in hospital for heart problems several times, thinking of moving my business, someone stalking, and harassing me, and the death if my Grandma.  I noticed the hair thinning back in October, and had the scalp biopsy in mid November.  My concern is that the thinnest areas are on the top, and I am wondering how effective biopsies are when ruling out AGA.  My hormone levels were low, so I have started natural HRT, with estrogen, and progesterone cream, no testosterone, because I fear it will make me loose more hair.  I see regrowth all around the fringe , and other areas, but none mid-scalp, and to the top left side.  The stress just card down snouts month ago, along with the shedding.  Could the areas that do not have regrowth have gone into the resting phase later?  And if I have regrowth everywhere else, will it most likely catch up?  I have become quite depressed about this, and have been obsessing about it.  Could that slow my recovery down?  And is it normal to thin more on top when it is just TE?  Thanks in advance

Hi Michelle ...

You haven't just had a bout of stressful events ... those are extraordinarily stressful events that would cause anyone to lose their hair. Just the unfaithful relationship issue, dealing with betrayal, is such a difficult emotional experience to endure.  And our bodies react to that sort of stress.  Our hair is very sensitive.  It is the proverbial canary in the coalmine, telling us all sorts of information about our physical and emotional health.  So it's important to pay attention when our hair speaks to us.  Telogen effluvium can keep cycling through over and over again if the stress events don't change.  It is not uncommon.  The answer to your question is, yes.  The areas that do not have regrowth could have gone into the resting phase later and it will catch up when the emotional/physical stresses that caused your hair to fall out is "over".

Don't be depressed, Michelle.  That's only going to take it longer to heal.  No matter how old you are, look back on 2012 as a learning year and allow it to really catapult you into some happiness and joy in 2013 and beyond.

Yes, of course depression can and will slow your recovery.

Try to simplify your life to reduce stress. Avoid debt. Enjoy your time alone, away from unhealthy relationships that don't nourish you.

More than anything, educate yourself about proper nutrition.  And when I say "proper", I'm talking about natural.  Stay away from dairy completely.  Reduce and/or eliminate meat and poultry from your diet, which are full of animal hormones and artificial steroids.

By far, the best online resource for understanding correct nutrition is Dr. Dean Ornish's Spectrum program:

Click on "Food Choices".  This is the most easy-to-understand chart of foods from the most healthy to the most unhealthy.

Finally, if you're concerned that your condition isn't TE, just look at the hair that is shedding.  If there are little white bulbs at the root, it most likely IS TE.

Whoever is supervising your natural HRT should be aware of any changes you make in your diet.  Increase love, increase healthy food, decrease stress, simply life.

That's my nickel's worth of free advice to you.

Please check back with me in 90 days and tell me what's happening.

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