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Hair Loss/Can I and my wife coneive a male child while on propeica or quiting this drug


Dear Sir:

I want to have kids and will get married soon. I am 30 years old and have been on propecia for 5 years. Can I be a father of a male child on propecia or will quiting this drug help? Propecia made my semen watery and might have affected my sperm. How many months should I be off this drug to get my semen back to 100% normal? Or is it not possible to get back to original state? I am ready to lose my hair in the process but don't want to take any risk. Can you please state any instance that couples had male offsprings quitting propecia.

Another question to you Sir that I feel pain on my ribs when I make certain movements and shortness of breathe. Is this a side effect of propecia?

Thanks and regards,
Mark Dilon

Hello Mark,

I am not aware of Propecia use being a cause to NOT conceiving a male child although there have been reports that maintain the possibility of the drug adversely affecting the DEVELOPMENT of the male child.  There are certainly many possible side effects listed for this drug and it may make sense not to risk possible side effects uneccessarily?  After such a long time of using the drug, you will most likely shed the hair that you would have lost during that time so be prepared for this possibility.  To properly assess your chest pains, please see your doctor to check out thoroughly.

Good Luck.

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