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hello sir,
i m 20 yrs old n suffering frm chronic telogen effluvium frm past 2 yrs.i m taking supplements and do head massages but of no use,i m losing handful everyday,it has also effected my hair texture , my hairs have become vry sparse n new hair growth is very very slow...kindly suggest some medications or remedies to curb this. I will be very grateful to you....PLZZZ HELP ME OUT....

Hello Sanya,

Many people from your part of the world tend to apply oils to the hair and scalp and this practice quite often leads to excessive hairloss.  If you MUST use oils make sure that you apply sparsely and only to the ends of the hair, keeping the oils away from the scalp.  Also ensure that you do frequent and proper shampooing with very thorough rinses using hot water.

Good Luck.

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