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Hello there.  I have had a lot of issues with hair loss and brittleness due to stress.  I lose hair all over but lost a lot on my sides during a stressful 6 months a few years ago.  I wanted to know any natural remedies for brittleness that can encourage hair growth and curb hair loss.  I already use Rogaine and Biosil, take biotin, and a regular vitamin.  Also, which protein is better for hair repair: whey or soy?

Thanks so much!

It's important to determine the type and cause(s) of hair loss. When changes in texture (brittleness) accompanies hair loss, there may be a nutritional deficiency such as protein, iron, essential fatty acid, etc. Thyroid disorder, autoimmune conditions, anemia and other imbalances can also cause hair to become dry, brittle and lifeless. It is important determine if a health concern may be involved.
The description of your hair loss sounds like it may be chronic telogen effluvium. The effects of extreme, prolonged, unresolved stress can contribute to this condition. Healing the body from the effects of stress is important, as is minimizing or overcoming stress.
My preferred natural remedy for hair growth is essential oil scalp treatments. Essential oils, when applied topically can help encourage new growth and improve quality of existing hair by increasing nourishment and energy directly to hair follicles and roots of hair. I do not recommend using essential oils at the same time as using synthetic topical medications such as the medication you are currently using.
I do not recommend soy or whey. If using why protein is is important to use non-denatured whey protein concentrate. Studies have shown that whey protein isolate can make hair loss worse.
I prefer getting the majority of protein and other nutrients from diet. Anti-inflammatory diet with lots of fresh whole foods is often recommended for hair loss disorders, and for overall health. I have included links to articles that will supply more information on female hair loss issues, chronic telogen effluvium and using essential oils as a natural hair loss remedy.
Please let me know if I can help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
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My interest in female hair loss sprung from my own experience with extensive hair loss. Determined to grow my hair back, I diligently studied every piece of information I could find on the biology of hair growth. After successfully re-growing my hair with safe and effective natural products, I felt compelled to learn more and to share this information with other women. I am experienced in blending custom hair loss formulas. I am also experienced in writing about female hair loss issues.

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