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I am a 25yr old male and had bone marrow transplant for leukaemia(ALL) 1.5 yrs ago. My hair were thick & dense before, but just after transplant hair growth is slow or little. It has to be noticed that I lad a lot of chemotherapy before transplant but my hair always grew back properly. After transplant, only 20-30% of my head is covered by thin hair, sparsely. Recently I have been diaganosed with mild skin gvhd and my scalp is dry and flaky. Can you please suggest anything for hair growth.

Hello Raman,

Your hairloss effects may be a result of the chemo and/or your surgery (anaesthetic).  I would suggest trying a 2 month supply of Nisim Dry formula shampoo and Scalp Extract.  Ensure that you use correctly and the products are guaranteed or full refund when purchased from a Legitimate Distributor.  They are non drug products.

Best of Luck.

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