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hair now straightened
hair now straightened  
I've had lots of hair shedding in my last four years. It's gotten better, Thank God. but I"m still in this doubt if I have had hair loss as far as density wise.   All my family says I look the same, but I have my doubts.  I was hoping to get someone else's opinion. I know it's hard to compare pictures because of how the hair was styled, lighting, etc.  but if you could at least give me your opinion in general if you think density has maintained. Thanks so much, and God bless!

ANSWER: Hello Andrea,

from the one photo provided it does not appear that you are suffering from a hair loss issue.

Remember that a regular hygiene program, with a double wash and rinse using hot water and keeping oils and styling products away from the scalp and only on the ends of the hair will help to keep your hair and scalp healthy.  Good diet, regular exercise and daily vitamins are suggested as well.

Good Luck.

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hair straight four years ago
hair straight four yea  

hair straight now
hair straight now  
QUESTION: sorry I meant to put another photo on there, of my hair straightened four years ago.  sorry about that, let's see if it comes up this time, I'd wanted you to have something to compare that too. Thanks

And I really hope you think it looks like the same amount of density!!  Thanks so much!

Hi Andrea,

From the photos provided , you seem to have maintained a similar head of hair.  You are most likely the most pessimistic about your experience is that those around you are most probably correct in their assessment.  I am sure that it is fine.

Hope this helps.

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