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hi, just read question from 42 y.o. woman on 10/11/12 entitled same.    I could have written that.  The exact same just happened to me.  Had hair dyed 3/27/13, by that weekend hair felt horrible.   Since, hair has been falling out by the hundreds (daily since then range of 250 to worst days 800-900).  Been to 3 dermatologists. Have had a battery of blood work and everything is beautiful except ANA antibodies are positive.   Going for more extensive blood this week.   I had just changed salons, it was my 3rd time there.  Turns out, the semi-permanent dye has PPD in it.   I showed no signs of "dermatitis", just itchiness the first week.   Doesn't one get sensitized to these chemicals?  Only my naturopath believes that it was a chemical.  Dye was still leeching 2 weeks later.   If it is TE, what's  a "normal" shed rate?  and for how many months?  BTW finger nail growth seems fine as well as all other body hair.      Do you do follow-ups?   Wondering what happened to the 42 y.o.   Thanks

Hair loss has occurred in some individuals after using hair dyes with chemicals such as PPD. For some the hair loss is severe. Yes, PPD is a sensitizing agent, meaning a person can develop a reaction to it after repeated use, even though they may have used it for many years without any symptoms. Once sensitization occurs, the symptoms will become more severe with each new exposure. Severe reaction can cause serious medical conditions,
Because your symptoms began shortly after using the dye, it is very possible the dye has contributed to, or caused your hair loss. If the hair loss is from the hair dye, it is unlikely that the condition is telogen effluvium. With telogen effluvium shedding usually begins approximately three months after the cause. Because your hair loss occurred almost immediately after dying it, another type of hair loss would be suspected (if the hair dye is the culprit.)
It is important to distinguish whether the hair is breaking off or falling out. It may be helpful to examine the root end of the fallen hairs. Telogen hairs will have a small non-pigmented bulb at the end. If there is no bulb at all the hair may have broken off. A very tiny, gelatinous, pigmented bulb may indicate that the hair fell out during the anagen(growing) stage.
Telogen effluvium rarely effects more than 45 percent of hair follicles but can (in rare cases) affect up to 70 percent. If the shedding lasts more than six months the condition is considered chronic. They key is to determine and treat the underlying causes. The shedding will start to diminish once the body has healed. With telogen effluvium the hair does get replaced. Follicles do not remain empty. If you are not seeing any regrowth, you may have a condition other than telogen effluvium.
ANA antibodies often (but not always) suggest the presence of an autoimmune disorder. Hair loss can be a symptom of autoimmune disorders.
Please let me know if I can help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
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