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Snapped hair
Snapped hair  

I am a 21-year old female. In the past few weeks, my hair has started to snap off really badly at my shed line. Please see the attached picture (can I add that the rest of my hair is chest length!). It would seem that it didn't all snap off at once (for example, by getting burnt or caught on something) as I notice more snapped hair continuously. Can you suggest why this might be happening? I can't think of anything major that has changed - I haven't become more stressed, my diet hasn't really changed (or maybe if know certain problem foods then you could highlight them to me?

I'm using a new hair serum (with keratin) but a very small amount and I doubt this is the reason.

Please help!!


The most common cause of hair breakage is due to over-processing with harsh chemicals and heat, but there are other causes to look into if this does not apply to you. If the breakage began after using the keratin serum, I would not dismiss it as a possible cause. Many people experience hair loss and breakage after getting certain popular salon treatments with keratin. Others have noticed dry, brittle hair and breakage after using keratin products too often or leaving on hair too long. Not everybody's hair needs extra protein. Balance is important. Too much can have negative effects. If these changes occurred after using the product, it may be helpful to discontinue product.
Fungal infection of scalp or hair can cause breakage. Certain fungal infections of hair will cause a tiny nodule to develop along he hair shaft. The hair will break off at the point of the nodule. It may be possible to feel the nodule if you run your finger along the hair strand.
Other causes of hair breakage include thyroid disorder, autoimmune illness and medications.
I don't really know what you mean by "shed line." I believe you may be referring to the point where hair is breaking off. (?)
Illness, surgery or medications can occasionally cause a temporary interruption of normal hair growth at the cellular level. This causes a narrowing of the hair shaft in the portion of the hair that is growing under the scalp level. When the hair permeates the scalp and begins to grow it will have a small section that is thinner than the rest of the strand. The hair strand will be weakened in this area and will be more apt to break off at that point. Because the narrowed area correlates to the time of illness, trauma, surgery, etc., the weakened area will be at the same point in many hairs. The narrowings are called, pohl-pinkus constrictions. Because hair grows at approximately one half inch per month, pohl-pinkus constrictions at the three inch mark would indication illness, trauma, surgery etc., six months prior.    
Pohl-pinkus constrictions are to hair as  beaus lines are to nails. A trichologist may be able to detect this condition through microscopic evaluation.
The first place to start may be to determine if the keratin product may be contributing to this condition.
Please let me know if I can help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig

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