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QUESTION: I would love to touch base with you again.  I am one who had high sheds for four years.  

With acupuncture and perhaps a bit of change in diet, the shed majorly slowed down for the last six months, but has picked up lately as I've been through stress, pregnant and not eating much/vomiting.  But I still notice that I shed short, black hairs (thinner than my long hairs, but still healthy looking) that range between 1-4 inches.  I know I have some hairs like that that are in my temple areas, but it concerns me that I could be balding in my temples, or having miniaturization . How long can short cycling continue with a case of CTE??   Thanks for your opinion and sharing of where I can get someone knowledgeable to look at my hair.  I'm in ALbuquerque NM by the way.  do you know how I can find a reputable hair loss doc in my area that would do a correct analyzing to this and give me some peace??  I continue to measure my ponytail and it measures the same, it's just those short hairs shedding that still bugs me, some are thinner, some are normal thickness, but just short.  I wouldn't say they're more than 10% of my total shed, but some days perhaps yes.

ANSWER: Congratulations on your pregnancy. It's great that you went six months with much less shedding. It could be that the acupuncture and diet changes kept things more in balance--as the hair growth cycle thrives on balance. Any improvements that you make to your overall health and well-being can make a difference.
With unresolved chronic telogen effluvium, short cycling can continue indefinitely. Resolving the underlying issue, and improving health is the best line of defense.
During pregnancy hair growth often flourishes. The increased blood supply and unique hormonal environment during pregnancy keeps hairs in the anagen (growing stage) longer. Hairs that would normally go into the shedding stage continue to grow. If it is early in your pregnancy you may begin to see this effects soon.
Three months after delivery many women experience what is known as postpartum alopecia. It is very important to take extreme care of oneself during postpartum period to protect against dramatic postpartum shedding.
Essential oil scalp treatments can be very helpful in stimulating new hair growth but cannot be used at full strength during pregnancy and nursing.
I'm including a link to an article on postpartum hair loss so you can learn how to reduce the potential effects.
I'm sorry I do not know of a hair loss expert in your area. Just make sure whoever you see has knowledge and experience with female hair loss, and that they take it seriously.
Please let me know if I can help you further.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
Postpartum Hair Loss
Understanding Female Hair Loss
Essential Oils for Hair Loss
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the congrats and positivity.  The only thing is the last two days I've had those "high" sheds that I've not had for months.  Do you think I should not worry and hope it resolves on it's own??  could it be perhaps from the stress of vomiting all day/night??  I would love that "thickness" from pregnancy, but this high shedding stuff during pregnancy, don't get it!!

If the shedding began several months after the extreme vomiting and sickness, it could be the cause. If it occurred at the same time, it would probably not be the cause. With telogen effluvium, the hair first goes into the resting stage for two to three months before falling out. It does not fall out immediately.
It is important to take extremely good care of yourself during pregnancy and after delivery. The hair growth cycle thrives on balance. Keeping body and soul nourished and well balanced during this time may help reduce potential shedding, especially for those who are prone to hair loss.
Sincerely, Melanie Vonzabuesnig
Postpartum Hair Loss
Understanding Female Hair Loss
Essential Oils for Hair Loss
Create Your Own Natural Hair Loss Remedies  

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