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Hi DR. I am a 23yr old young lady, recently my hair began to itch,it has dandruff and whenever I comb or brush it allot of hair comes out from the root and its breaking. I've used the same products in my hair for years; olive oil relaxer,shampoo,replenishing pak and olive oil nourishing sheen spray.I use heat in my like twice a week or sometimes not at all.I wash my hair every week,so I decided to wash it twice a week but it still itches with dandruff and hair loss. Someone told me it could be what I'm eating. Please help me. Thanks.

Hello Luana,

Do not be afraid to shampoo very thoroughly, once or twice a week should be fine.  Make sure that you use hot water to wash and rinse and rinse VERY THOROUGHLY as this is often a major cause for itching and dandruff.  Heat will definitely contribute to weaken the hair and contribute to breakage.  When using any oils or conditioning products try to keep them away from the scalp and to the ends of the hair much as possible.  You may try a dandruff shampoo like SELSUN BLUE every other week to help reduce the flaking.......remember to wash properly and thoroughly and RINSE VERY WELL.

Good Luck.

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