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Hair Loss/How long will it take for pulled hair to grow back?


Dear Dr. John Nikolaou,

Could you please tell me how long it takes for pulled hair at the hairline of the scalp to regrow back? Also, is it true that full recovery can take a couple of years, depending on the hair growth stage of each pulled hair strand?

Let me explain. Im a 25-year-old male with medium-short hair. About 11 months ago, a friend of mine cut my hair. She thinned out the frontal area along my hairline using a regular kitchen knife instead of professional thinning scissors.

She put a lot of pressure on the hair. I felt hairs being pulled out, against the direction of growth near the roots of my hairline. I think it was a combination of cutting and ripping hairs out; so especially the sensitive hairs in the front got affected.

Ever since then my hairline looks thinner and has lost a great deal of its natural volume and thickness. There are no apparent bald spots, it's no MPB. But when I run my fingers through, the hairline feels unnaturaly thin and soft.

I think some of the hairs grew back. But when I examine the plucked area very closely I still notice short new hairs sprouting from the scalp, but very slowly. My hairline never achieved its previous texture and volume.

Would the damaged follicles normally heal and regrow hair? Could this take years or months?

Thanks in advance!


Dear Andreas,

The torn hairs "should" grow back, and to their previous texture and strength.  The problem with hair that has been ripped out is that you have to be VERY careful when brushing, combing or handling it, as the hair is very fine and can easily be repulled or broken off over and over again.  This would give the impression that it is not growing back as well.  Your hair should be regrowing at it's normal regrowth rate (ie. 1/4-1/2 inch per month).  

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