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Hair Loss/Telogen effilium


QUESTION: Hi my hair is recently growing back after a poor diet I had two years ago. I can see a few fine hair shoots growing however not all the hairs have come back. Regarding my diet, is it necessary to eat often for the nutrients to reach my hair in order to speed the growth rate?

Also, is all my hair going to come back regardless of the slow growth after telogen effilium?

ANSWER: Hello Ali,

You raise a number of questions.

Diet can certainly affect hair growth and quality.  I healthy diet and daily multi vitamins will help. Daily Exercise and Scalp massage will both contribute to better blood flow to your extremities and especially the scalp.  If you have not checked your Thyroid lately please have this blood test done ASAP , even if to rule it out as a possible contributing factor.  Ensure that you are not taking any steroids or medications that may have these negative side effects.

Good Luck.....and yes, typically you should be able to regrow your lost hair.

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QUESTION: thanks, my blood test showed my thyroid was fine and I am not taking any medications although my growth is slow will my hair return, what are the possibilities of it not returning??


Hello Ali,

As stated above, your hair may be growing back slower than before but it should all grow back.

You may want to try FAST Shampoo and Conditioner available at many BOOTS drugstores in the UK, as many people experience a growth rate increase of almost 2 times normal rate of growth.

Best of Luck.

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